Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Week was pretty good; can always be better but overall it was great!  Overall I loved conference. I am pretty sure this was the first time I have watched all 5 sessions of conference but all of the speakers did great and lots of powerful messages pertaining to members becoming more member missionaries in heeding the work of Salvation! Yoga was a pretty good success, not as many people came out as I had hoped, only one lady we didn't know came and then there was Elder Elliott and I and President Vahovick and President and Sister Haessler came too. Then N of course who did great this time being his first time actually teaching a class but he enjoyed it and will be coming out two more times before he leaves for the season and heads back to Alberta.

We watched conference at the church here. We have a satellite and set up the projector and what not, and we also watched a session with two of our investigators at their home!

Monday we had P-day and tracted a bit and met some really nice people and invited them to Yoga.

Tuesday we had district meeting, volunteered at the Dryden Mission, had a good dinner appointment with one of our investigators, and stopped by a few others.

Wednesday we helped out at the food bank and community gardens, and the Tambres were gone so we couldn't teach J, but we had a really good conversation on the doorstep and learnt a lot and helped her out quite a bit.  Then we mowed another of our investigators lawn for him because he had to cancel and take his sick baby to the hospital, and then we had our bible study, even though we still haven't had anyone come out yet.

Thursday was super busy. We went to Aaron Park and split and bagged a ton of wood and had some really good conversations with N. His wife was there for the first time so we were able to answer a lot of questions about what we do as missionaries. Then we went, and for the second week in a row, bought a dozen donuts and ate them all for lunch before we went to volunteer at the DNFC and then volunteered at the Go-Getters. Then we went to help out a lady again and finally got her a giant Book of Mormon so that she can read it but we haven't been able to give it to her yet. Then we had Yoga night, which was pretty successful, and everyone enjoyed it, and more will come out next week!

Friday we went out to President Vahovick's and helped him put up some fluorescent lights in his shop and had a lunch with him and his wife. Then we came back into town and visited the N's, then did our weekly planning session, and went to the Masonic Hall open mic with M and D and met few nice people there.

Saturday we watched the morning session of conference and spent the rest of our free time trying to get investigators out to the rest of the sessions. We watched the afternoon session with M and D and had another great meal with them and were able to answer a lot of their questions about the church and the conference and what not.  We went to the priesthood session as well.

Sunday we went to conference and had J come out in the morning. No investigators were able to come in the afternoon, but it was still good. Later that day we went and visited with a family who we hadn't been able to contact in over a month and had really good talk with them. They really opened up and we learnt a lot, and we set up an appointment to help move a washing machine into their car on Monday!

I love you too! Also you should see the hat I got the other day it's sheepskin, super nice and warm, you'd love it!

-Love Elder Shane Dola