Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26

This week was pretty good. Sorry I don't have too much time to write this week, as we will be busy all day with a service project at a golf tournament.

Monday was p-day. We saw President and Sister Thomas. We had a district meeting on Tuesday and helped a lady move her daughter and some other stuff all day. Wednesday we took the truck in because there was a nail in one of the tires. We had another district meeting and stopped by a few people. Thursday we helped a lady move her stuff into a storage unit, had lunch with Ali'i and his brother and his daughter at a buffet and he made us keep eating unil we almost died but it was really good so it was alright. He is a great guy! We had another meal appointment later that night. Friday we went to breakfast with Kendall and some of his friends from work and then weekly planned. We were at the archives with Bishop Dilts and were busy doing other stuff all day! Saturday we were at an EQ service project all day and helped destroy a shed, build a shed and a little bit of a fence. They fed us lunch and we saw some other people afterwards. Then we had two meal appointments back to back. Sunday we had church and a baptismal interview and met F and J in the park and had some guy come and try to bible bash with us. He got all up in our face and started swearing and saying that we deny the Deity of Jesus and then quoted a scripture to try and make his point but then he messed up the reference and Elder Beacham corrected him and then we ignored him but he kept getting in our face and swearing and getting all mad but I thought it was funny because of how crazy he was. Then we had two meal appointments back to back and saw S and T. We had like 5 other dinner appointments throughout the week too. So yeah, a pretty good week. Elder Beacham got transferred to Meadow Lake and this will be a really busy week!

I love you and hope that your week goes well!

-Love Elder Shane Dola

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19

Our week was pretty good.

Monday was P-day and we just took it easy.

Tuesday we went to Yorkton and went on exchanges with the Elders there, which was pretty good.

Wednesday we came back from Yorkton and we went to a district meeting and went to Pizza Hut and had our district goal setting. We then stopped by a few people and helped out the T's who then fed us dinner. We then were able to contact two people.

Thursday we went on Facebook and searched for some less active members who we couldn't get a hold of, had lunch, saw a few other people, including C and watched a video with him. Sister C took us out to Tony Romas for the second week in a row so that was pretty rough... then we stopped by J and N and went out to the H's and took a large load of garbage from their yard, and roasted smores, and had a good time with the young men out in Gray. Then the Assistants arrived.

Friday we weekly planned and exchanged with the Assistants, taught this one guy on the street. Did some Facebook and visited C before we went out to Pense and had a good Dinner appointment with the T's and helped them move some of their patio furniture.

Saturday was crazy. We had a teaching assessment with the sisters and the Assistants and then the 3 wards in Regina all got together and we cleaned the whole parking lot and everything else around the chapel. I spent most of the time pruning trees and bushes with Brother H. Then we had a BBQ and I almost burnt off my hand but didn't so it was all good. Then it was 1:00 and I walked by the Relief Society room and realized that I didn't hear any water flowing and our ward mission leader forgot to start filling the font so we did that. C was there for his baptism half an hour early and it started over an hour late, but we had a good turnout and the Baptism went very well. After that the T's took our district out to a Buffet for dinner, which was good, and then we went and worked on our service project doing some yard work.

Sunday was crazy. The people we were contacting had wrong numbers but eventually it worked out. Kendall and his friend showed up randomly, which was great. C was late 10 minutes to church but it was all good. He still was able to get confirmed and asked me to do it and it all went smoothly. We had a good gospel principles class and we taught the young men's class, then we went and visited Sister B in the Hospital and Bishop D came later and we were able to administer the sacrament to her and had a mini sacrament meeting with them. Then we went out to Gray again and had dinner with the H family and shared a home teaching message/ discussion. Then we came home and took indicators.

-Love Elder Dola 

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12

Elder Dola did not write much this week as we got to Skype with him yesterday for about 2 hours.  Here are some pictures he sent.

My dog friend.

Qu'appelle Valley in the background.

First mosquito of the season!

Hills in Saskatchewan!


Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5

Our week was all right. We were really busy moving other missionaries to their new apartments and what not, but still had some good experiences.

This week was pretty busy we had spring cleaning and p-day. 

Monday we had dinner at the C's followed by us giving  a priesthood blessing and then we went to the FHE held by the YSA aged members and played basketball.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and then we spent the rest of the day moving the 2 Sunrise Companionships from their old apartments into their new ones followed by us having a dinner and HT appointment with the F's and then we helped finish moving the other Elders.

Wednesday we went to the other districts in Regina's District meetings and then went on exchanges and visited a LA member and then went to Swiss Chalet for lunch with some ladies that I had met in Weyburn, followed by us going to our online training meeting and then we stopped by and visited with a LA member who is dying of cancer before we went to East Side Mario's for dinner, compliments of Sister and Dr C.

Thursday we went on Facebook and went to Ranch Ehrlo where we are going to volunteer. Following that we had lunch and stopped by some referrals and prospective Elders, visited a Less active member in the hospital and gave him a blessing, and had a ward missionary coordination meeting and dinner with our ward mission leader and his family. Then we went to the C family and picked up the package you sent; they wanted it out of their house so the kids wouldn't eat it and we got invited to the temple. 

Friday we had Missionary Leadership Conference over Skype and then we had lunch with the S's at some restaurant called Bocados and spent the rest of the day helping a member family take some stuff of theirs, including a swing set, to the dump and then we set up a trampoline and had dinner with them and finished the trampoline and then we went and had a Home teaching message with the W family, then we went to the Temple and helped with a sealing session.

Saturday we went on facebook and then we visited D in the hospital again. Then we had lunch and had to take the truck in to get the tire fixed. Then we visited with C and he set a Baptismal date for the 10th. Then we left and the tire was even worse so we filled it up and contacted a bunch of prospective Elders and filled the tire again and then went to a member’s house and her husband helped us change our tire because we had no tools and then she insisted on feeding us dinner.

Sunday we planned a lot for going out to the reserves and had church. C was the only one who actually came and he didn't tell anyone he wanted to be baptised so we are postponing the date. We planned more for the reserves and then we had dinner at the T's and then we had the highlight of the week; we went and visited with our Spanish investigators and brought our ward mission leader with us to translate which was good. We couldn't understand what was being said but the spirit was so strong that it didn't matter.

Today and tomorrow we are going out to some surrounding areas and reserves.

But it's good hearing from you! Hope that all is well! Love you too! Take care

-Love Elder Shane Dola