Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26

Our week was pretty good and the SAT was okay, the hardest part was the time limits it was so rushed you barely had any time to think at all! It took like 5 straight hours...

This week was pretty good.

Monday we had P-day.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and taught a few lessons.

Wednesday we went to a sweat lodge.

Thursday we were busy all day and had Youth activity at night.

Friday we weekly planned, volunteered at the School Cafeteria, taught A, went to Regina, ate dinner with the K family, bought a calculator, went to the Mason and then slept at some other Elders apartment.

Saturday got up at 6:00, got to the testing room at the UofR at 7:30 and wrote the test. I didn't get out until after 1:00...had lunch and stopped by some people before heading back to CTK and going to the S's.

Sunday we had church and went to M's and taught H. 

 I love you! You take care.

-Elder Dola

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19

The baptism went really well! There weren't too many people there, mostly just close family and friends, but it was good because two of the other people who are being baptized this month were in attendance! 

I have tried to study for the SAT but honestly I haven't had too much time. things always come up but I will write it on Saturday and see how it goes! Probably not going to have the highest scores...

This week Monday we had P-day and went to Basketball practice and were busy the rest of the night, had dinner with W and R and visited some others.

Tuesday we had district meeting and went to Wolsely and Grenfall then we had some other appointments some other appointments throughout the day, had basketball and a family home evening with T and H.

Wednesday we saw a ton of people  throughout the day and had a Taco Party with M and H and T, then we went to Kendall and saw the S family.

Thursday was good had youth night and taught some other lessons.

Friday we weekly planned after volunteering at the cafeteria at the school and saw some others cleaned out the font, smelt like a meth lab after we mixed a bunch of different cleaning supplies to try to clean some rust and other stains...did some other things.

Saturday we were were at the church most of the day filling the font and dealing with other problems, then we went saw W, had the baptism,  and had good time at the S's home.

Sunday we had church, the kids got confirmed, had potluck ,and then saw W and some other people.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12

This week was a really good week. We were able to teach a lot of people and had a good experience at ZTM this week. I am motivated and ready to give all the time that I have left to help the mission achieve this goal. 

This last week we were able to set 5 baptismal dates. There are 2 baptisms set for Jan.17, 1 baptism set for Jan.24, and 2 baptisms set for Jan. 31. The interviews for the 2 baptisms coming up this week have already taken place and both the baptismal candidates passed. If all goes well this transfer is going to end off really well with 5 baptisms! Our main focus lately has been on making sure that we are doing all that we can to help these baptisms go through! 

Elder Kenney and I have been working really well together and have been able to teach quite a bit, along with staying busy in the community, building relationships, helping out at the school, strengthening LA and non-members and of course, having fun! We were able to find another family this week (a family of 7 kids!) and we were able to teach 4 of them and make them new investigators. We have had some pretty good success in finding families and individuals and have a lot of people who are very eligible at this time to be future baptismal dates!

This Sunday we had 20 people at sacrament meeting, 4 of them being investigators with baptismal dates. There was a good talk by President Cruikshank of the Stake Presidency from Regina followed by Relief Society, Priesthood, and Primary Classes! All in all it was a very big improvement from last week and I firmly believe that things will only continue to improve as the holidays are over and everyone seems to be getting back into their usual routine's. 

It has been pretty cold here too, but nothing too unbearable we still make it out everyday. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5

This week we had some ups and downs and everything worked out in the end though! 

Monday we helped R chase a wild horse into his coral and had some appointments later in the evening..

Tuesday we had district meeting and had some other appointments

Wednesday we had a good new years Eve with some LA members and Investigators with baptismal dates

Thursday we had New years Dinner with T and B then we went into Regina and visited with some more LA members who are from CTK who invited us out.

Friday we weekly planned and saw some more people and survived the blizzard.

Saturday we were busy seeing people all day.

Sunday only 7 people at church probably because it was actually -50 outside with the windchill, so most people stayed home unfortunately but we still had a good sacrament meeting and saw some more people throughout the rest of the day!

I love you, you take care and have fun back at work!

Love Elder Dola

December 29

It was great to hear and see you guys too! Yeah we ate a lot here too. Christmas day we got up, Skyped, then right after we went and visited with M and T (8) T (10) (both are going to be baptized in a couple of weeks) and the rest of the family that they had over. Got to watch a movie with them, watched Frozen Then at 2:00 we went over to Elder Kenney's family who adopted him, the K's, and we had the Big Turkey Dinner with them and visited for a while before we went over the the S's who live in Kendal and are a part member family we are working with. So we went and played games and ate another giant Christmas dinner this one included cabbage rolls, then we played Pictionary and then watched the Hobbit 2 that was great following that we came back onto the reserve and visited with C and B for a bit before going home and calling it a night. Taught some other lessons later on this week and we had  only 15 people at church this week and that was too bad but it was really cold...