Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5

This week we had some ups and downs and everything worked out in the end though! 

Monday we helped R chase a wild horse into his coral and had some appointments later in the evening..

Tuesday we had district meeting and had some other appointments

Wednesday we had a good new years Eve with some LA members and Investigators with baptismal dates

Thursday we had New years Dinner with T and B then we went into Regina and visited with some more LA members who are from CTK who invited us out.

Friday we weekly planned and saw some more people and survived the blizzard.

Saturday we were busy seeing people all day.

Sunday only 7 people at church probably because it was actually -50 outside with the windchill, so most people stayed home unfortunately but we still had a good sacrament meeting and saw some more people throughout the rest of the day!

I love you, you take care and have fun back at work!

Love Elder Dola