Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19

The baptism went really well! There weren't too many people there, mostly just close family and friends, but it was good because two of the other people who are being baptized this month were in attendance! 

I have tried to study for the SAT but honestly I haven't had too much time. things always come up but I will write it on Saturday and see how it goes! Probably not going to have the highest scores...

This week Monday we had P-day and went to Basketball practice and were busy the rest of the night, had dinner with W and R and visited some others.

Tuesday we had district meeting and went to Wolsely and Grenfall then we had some other appointments some other appointments throughout the day, had basketball and a family home evening with T and H.

Wednesday we saw a ton of people  throughout the day and had a Taco Party with M and H and T, then we went to Kendall and saw the S family.

Thursday was good had youth night and taught some other lessons.

Friday we weekly planned after volunteering at the cafeteria at the school and saw some others cleaned out the font, smelt like a meth lab after we mixed a bunch of different cleaning supplies to try to clean some rust and other stains...did some other things.

Saturday we were were at the church most of the day filling the font and dealing with other problems, then we went saw W, had the baptism,  and had good time at the S's home.

Sunday we had church, the kids got confirmed, had potluck ,and then saw W and some other people.