Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23

This week the Lord has truly blessed us again. We have been busy all week and had a great church function this Monday for family day. We had nearly 80 people in attendance where we had wiener roasts, sleigh rides, games for the kids, and street hockey. Was a really good experience for the community and much fun for all, we had many investigators in attendance and many 
less-active members and nonmembers as well!

Tuesday we were busy with visiting some of our less-actives and were able to increase our knowledge of the culture out here in CTK as we attended some sessions of their culture days and were able to meet some of the Elders of the community and meet more people

Wednesday we had exchanges and were able to teach quite a few lessons, went to a sweat and had some good visits with some of the people we have been working with out here

Thursday we had a very good district meeting and were blessed to contact many people and had a good turnout at our youth night

Friday we had a good planning session and have continually been able to meet more and more people out here, going door to door for a bit. (less than 300 houses out here I think we can contact all of them) And we were able to spend a lot of time with C and B, brothers who who are Less Active members but both are definitely kingdom builders. Things have been going well with them for sure!

Saturday we had success in finding some new investigators through less-active members and had the opportunity to teach and visit with other members and non-members out here

Sunday was good, even despite the weather and the fact that there was a fundraiser at the Band-hall, where most people were in attendance, we still had 17 people at church. This year alone we have had 64 different people attend church. Every week we have been blessed to see different people attend church every Sunday. For example today a man named D came to church, he used to be a councilor in the Branch Presidency and was great to hear his testimony and desire to help the church out here to grow! If we were able to get all of these people to church at once, the chapel wouldn't have enough room or chairs for everyone to sit! Many times I have heard people express how they have noticed a change in the atmosphere and the spirit of the reserve as the work has continued to move along. Every week we have been able to familiarize ourselves with more and more people and our trust, respect, and overall acceptance in the community has been progressing very well! The Lord truly has blessed us here in CTK and we will continue to do all that we can to Find Teach and Baptize and bring the lost sheep back into the fold

But I love you too! You take care and have a great week!

-Elder Dola

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16

This week was pretty good:
Monday we had P-day, the basketball game and went with B to Yorkton to celebrate Elder Kenney's birthday.

Tuesday we were busy seeing people and had basketball practice

Wednesday we went to Regina for a Zone Training meeting, came back to CTK and had a couple appointments before we went back into Regina with the boys basketball team and watched LeBoldus cream this other team. Aparently LeBoldus is the top high-school team in all of Saskatchewan and they played at some big tournament in Regina over the weekend and Hat High got invited and got beat pretty bad. 
Thursday we were busy with appointments most of the day, had youth night and man that was nuts never had so many kids come out and they were off the wall and their parents never picked them up on time! and then Elder Skabelund locked us out of the trailer, so we ended up sleeping in the church that night....that really really sucked

Friday we didn't get back in the trailer until like 12:30 went to the Delorme's for lunch with brother W and we helped cut down some trees and cut them up. Then we had basketball practice and only five girls showed up, but it was still pretty good. Then we spent some time with B and C (2 Less-active members) and they took us to the Pats game. The Pats played Swift Current and that goalie (Wapple who used to play in Medicine Hat) playing terrible, just an overall terrible game they lost 5-0 and the one goalie got pulled when 4 goals got scored on him and he got a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct when he was pulled off. But it was interesting to see Nathyn Mortlock plays as a defense-man for the Pats, never knew that.

Saturday we were busy most of the day until a huge blizzard hit and we didn't really have much to do. 

Sunday was good it cleared up and despite the bad roads because of the drifting snow, we still had a great turnout with 34 people at church and 5 were investigators, 9 less-active members. After that we had some more appointments and tracted some houses on the reserve

Today was pretty fun with the family Day celebrations then pretty bad as it felt like all crap hit the fan all at once: Hearing that Vince passed away, failed the SAT, and someone sold the Xbox...but you gotta move forward, life is not always easy! Looking forward to a good week coming up!

Love you mom! You take care have a great week and don't worry! :) I am doing fine! :)

-Love Elder Shane Dola

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9

This week was pretty eventful. With transfers we spent most of the beginning of the week with Elder Kenney saying his farewells and getting ready to go. Wednesday we spent the evening in Regina and Thursday early in the morning was transfers visited C and headed back to CTK had lunch and then introduced Elder Skabelund to a few of the people out here and had our Youth Night and visited W. Friday we planned for the transfer had basketball practice and taught a couple lessons. Saturday we went with B and got Chinese food and spent some time with him. Taught some more lessons to some of our investigators and oveall had a good day. Sunday we had 39 people at church was a great turnout, best since the Christmas Sunday. We had 10 investigators and 10 Less-active members at church as well which was great to see, definitely was the highest achieved since I have been on my mission! Had a good rest of the day visiting and seeing others, have our first basketball game today and then we are going up to Yorkton.

Love Elder Shane Dola

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2

Our week was really good. We taught quite a few lessons. We had 5 investigators at church this week, had some good basketball practices, played some ping pong, went to a round dance, had a movie night with T and T and their friends and hopefully we will be able to start teaching some of their friends, one came to church on Saturday. We got transfer calls and Elder Kenney will be heading to Yorkton. We were all over the community doing different things. Overall a pretty eventful week. Had a baptism on Saturday and had a really good turnout. A, who is 11 got baptized. Her dad and uncles and aunts are members but her mom is not so hopefully we can start teaching her more. M, A's cousin also got baptized. He had cancer and his grandmother wanted him to get baptized before he went through chemo but his mom didn't want him to. He went into remission for a while but is in stage 2 cancer again and is going to be receiving Chemo again this February and so we were able to get him baptized while he was well enough. Pretty neat story, but sad though. But yeah sorry this is all over the place but that was our week. New transfer starts soon. Had a good turnout on Sunday, and got to watch the superbowl with some less-Active members.

Love you! Take care!