Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2

Our week was really good. We taught quite a few lessons. We had 5 investigators at church this week, had some good basketball practices, played some ping pong, went to a round dance, had a movie night with T and T and their friends and hopefully we will be able to start teaching some of their friends, one came to church on Saturday. We got transfer calls and Elder Kenney will be heading to Yorkton. We were all over the community doing different things. Overall a pretty eventful week. Had a baptism on Saturday and had a really good turnout. A, who is 11 got baptized. Her dad and uncles and aunts are members but her mom is not so hopefully we can start teaching her more. M, A's cousin also got baptized. He had cancer and his grandmother wanted him to get baptized before he went through chemo but his mom didn't want him to. He went into remission for a while but is in stage 2 cancer again and is going to be receiving Chemo again this February and so we were able to get him baptized while he was well enough. Pretty neat story, but sad though. But yeah sorry this is all over the place but that was our week. New transfer starts soon. Had a good turnout on Sunday, and got to watch the superbowl with some less-Active members.

Love you! Take care!