Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26

Our week was pretty good and the SAT was okay, the hardest part was the time limits it was so rushed you barely had any time to think at all! It took like 5 straight hours...

This week was pretty good.

Monday we had P-day.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and taught a few lessons.

Wednesday we went to a sweat lodge.

Thursday we were busy all day and had Youth activity at night.

Friday we weekly planned, volunteered at the School Cafeteria, taught A, went to Regina, ate dinner with the K family, bought a calculator, went to the Mason and then slept at some other Elders apartment.

Saturday got up at 6:00, got to the testing room at the UofR at 7:30 and wrote the test. I didn't get out until after 1:00...had lunch and stopped by some people before heading back to CTK and going to the S's.

Sunday we had church and went to M's and taught H. 

 I love you! You take care.

-Elder Dola