Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17

This past week Monday was P-day we went bowling for free because a somewhat recent convert's parents own the bowling place in Weyburn. We then met with C (I met him for the first time) and we had a good discussion with him while he was on the run getting ready to go to a show, but he made us super good chicken unexpectedly and told us his wife, who lives in the Philippines, is pregnant and when he heard my name "Dola" he really liked it and said he wants to call his kid that... he's kind of crazy but he is a super great guy, just super busy. I am sure he will do great as long as he settles down and will find more time to meet with us!

Tuesday we drove into Regina and had a specialized training meeting, which was pretty good. After that we came home and had dinner and then had our Basketball night, not too many people came out this week, but it was still pretty good. We were able to give a Book of Mormon to one of the guys that comes a lot!

Wednesday I went up to Estevan with Elder Dillon for exchanges. We stopped by a few places and looked for some service opportunities and then we stopped by a school and contacted the Principal  who was super nice, but not interested. We then had dinner and went running at the local arena and were able to talk with this one guy, who apparently they saw there all the time, and he ended up being a return missionary from another church. We were able to share a book of Mormon with him. Lots of good potential there. We then came home and taped up the Black mold outbreak in their house...

Thursday we woke up and shoveled the entire block that our house is located on, which was good. We had a conversation with a thankful neighbor with 2 little kids. Then we showered and recently their shower was draining into the floor, but it was "Fixed", but not really. After I showered, it wouldn't drain and we ended up vacuuming out giant rotting hairballs and other sludge from the drain (which now works perfectly well.) We then spent the day going around town looking for other places we could serve or do things, like the police station, radio, newspaper, etc just trying to get our name out there. Later, we stopped by an investigator and had a good talk with him. We'll see how that goes (his wife isn't too fond of us) and then later that night we went to this other church where they run a program called "warm welcome" which is basically a homeless shelter. We go there basically as supervisors. We talked with them and played a card game for a while before they went to bed. Then we were able to have a good conversation with some of the other volunteer ladies that help out and were able to teach them the restoration and had a really good discussion with some really good questions and what not. So yeah that was an experience no other missionary has probably had; teaching a lesson at midnight to two women without having fellowship while in a homeless shelter.(but it is all good because it was all approved by President Thomas) But after we served our 5 hour shift from 8:00PM-1:00AM we went home and slept.

Friday, we got up and volunteered at this old folks home and forced all the old people, who had no idea what was going on, to shake/hit instruments while they listened to music. Then we helped out at the Salvation Army and made a few hampers, and then ended our exchange and went back to Weyburn. Elder Stoker and I went and snowblowed the church and shoveled the huge drifts out.

Saturday, we weekly planned and stopped by a few service opportunities and potentials and former investigators. We found a new lady who lives in McTaggart, then cleaned out the baptismal font at the church and had a lesson with J. We watched the Restoration in Korean and showed him the Baptismal font and invited him to be baptized and he said he would think about it. Later we had the branch adult valentines party, which was a great success. We had a total of 8 investigators come out, who the members and we invited, and a few less-active members as well. We had a good time eating pizza and playing cards and board games.

Sunday, we had a good sacrament meeting where I was called upon to speak last second... then we had gospel principles class with J again and he is loving it; G enjoyed it too. Then we had to do all of our dishes at the church because the water at our place is poison. Then we went out and had a visit with President Tiefenbach and his son, and a lunch appointment out in Yellowgrass. Then we came back and later went to a potluck that Elder Stoker and I were invited to. Then we went out to McTaggart and had dinner with the Regnier family and came back to Weyburn.

So it was a pretty good week. Very busy and very all over the place, to say the least.

But love you and take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola