Monday, July 8, 2013


Well this week was rather rough. We have pretty well lost every single person we have been working with since I have been here. However we were able to do a ton of service this week

Monday we just had P-day and sat inside all day after ripping out a man’s flooring in his apartment.  Then went over to a family in our ward for dinner and had FHE with T afterwards (and we didn’t go fishing this time.)

Tuesday we had to find a new apartment for the sisters because the apartment they were currently living in was no longer suitable for them so we did that and then went shopping for groceries because we couldn’t the day before. Then we went over and pruned a bunch of trees for Brother and Sister C and after that we tried to teach one of our part member families but the non-member guy kept getting up and getting distracted so we ended up mostly teaching his dad who just happened to be over and who we will never see again. A had to cancel his appointment with us that day because he was sick so we ended up going street contacting instead and tried visiting some other potential investigators.

Wednesday the Assistants came down and we had a really good District meeting and after that we made our way over to another ward family and had a really good lesson on how they can do missionary work at home and at work. After that we went and did some more service and picked a bunch of weeds for Sister P, which took a while.  After that we tried to do some bus finding. Then we had a dinner appointment with the T Family which was great and the assistants were able to give a nice message for them. After that we went and had a good lesson with one of our less-active members.

Thursday we went and served at the Soup kitchen again and after that we were able to meet with the assistants and we went on Exchanges. Elder M and I went street contacting and I was able to learn so much from him, he truly is a phenomenal Elder and a great example of a missionary. We then spent the rest of the day coordinating and making sure that we were able to get the sisters moved in and set up in their new apartment and T and Brother S came and helped us out too. And that night the other Assistants were there and stayed at our house and at one point all four assistants were over.  It was quite interesting.

Friday we went back to the U's and helped them paint and do some renovations on their home and they had a BBQ lunch for us and we checked up to see how their missionary  work had been doing since last time we were there. A cancelled on us again because he was still sick so we helped brother U move some furniture from his In-laws house to theirs because they are moving. After that we went to Superstore to the Mobile Shop there to visit C, C, and S to see how they were doing and tried to set up some appointments but they weren’t allowed to talk to us that day so we went from there to the S's for supper. 

Saturday we did our studies and then our entire district went over to T’s house and painted the entire upstairs level of her house that she rents out and she had pizza delivered for us for lunch. After that we went over the park. We planned on playing volleyball for YSA and we had a lesson with A there and it was good we talked about his baptism and he said he wanted the bishop to baptize him and it rained for a bit and the sand on the volleyball court turned to mud so when people showed up for volleyball we instead went over to the Gym at the Chapel and played basketball and card games. That night afterwards A didn’t say bye and we assumed he just caught the bus and went home so when we phoned him and told him we had a ride for him for church the next day he told us he wasn’t coming because he was thinking about it and decided that the church just wasn’t for him so he didn’t want to meet with us anymore, which completely came out of nowhere.

Sunday church was pretty good. T and her boyfriend G (his first time at church ever) came to church for the first time since I have been here. There was also a new family in our ward and a bunch of other visitors were there. Also a man from India came to Church because Elder B invited him and he was looking for a Christian church here in Canada. I sat with him because he came a little late and it was fast and testimony meeting and I could tell that he was really feeling the spirit. Even though he left afterwards he said that he will come back next Sunday and would like us to come teach him. After church we tried to contact two families and were planning on sharing a message with them but one wasn’t home and the other apparently saw us and just didn’t want to answer the door. After that we went and visited with a member of the Ward who just got back from his mission just over a year ago who hadn’t been coming to church for over a month so we visited him and found out that he has thrown away his family and his fiancĂ© and almost everything because he no longer believes in God. It was really sad to see someone who was so strong fall away so quickly.

But that is the basis of our week. A dropped us, all of our other investigators didn’t want to talk to us all week and all appointments we had were dropped.  We now have 0 people in our teaching pool, one has completely gone inactive and on top of all that the H Family, the Z family, the P's, G, and S are all moving away within this month, which is like half of our ward and they are all really strong members.  It has been a tough time. But yeah other than that, the week was okay.

Love Elder Shane Dola