Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15

This week was a little better than last week. Still a large swarm of Mosquitoes raging on in battle against us, and we are still losing. The other day we saw one that was the size of a toonie.

Monday we had P-day and met with one of our investigators and taught her the importance of prayer. Her sister was there too.  We couldn't get a member to come with us so we had to teach them in the middle of the park. Later that night Elder M and I cut each other's hair seeing as President told us he was coming through and was going to interview us the next day.  We learnt not to use the ear trimmer attachments... and half way through, when we were cutting mine, the clippers actually died completely.. . . . so needless to say I had to go see a barber the next day and had to pay 17$ just for him to give me a 3 minute hair-cut. I was not exactly too pleased with that.

Tuesday we just did a lot of tracting and street contacting.  We also helped the U's work on their house again and then they fed us supper.  Then we went to the Church and had our interviews and then the Zone leaders were in Brandon for the Zone Training meeting the next day.

Wednesday we had a really good Zone Training meeting and learned quite a lot. After that we went to a place called Qdobas for a Zone lunch and after that we went and tried doing more tracting and street contacting.   

Thursday the Zone Leaders decided to stay and go on exchanges with us that day after we worked at the soup kitchen. I went out with Elder V, who has been out for quite a long time, and who is a really great, diligent missionary. I was able to learn a ton from him. We went and visited A and tried to figure out his concerns and are left confused. He believes everything we teach to be true and just still feels like he doesn't connect. We have a pretty good guess why but we aren't exactly sure. After that we went street contacting a bit, came home for dinner, then went out tracting and bus contacting, which was pretty good .

Friday we finished our exchanges and tried to teach this one guy but he didn't show up so the Zone leaders left. Later we did our weekly planning and followed up on some referrals. We met a really great guy, who I think has a ton of potential, at Moores and found a few other potentials that day as well.

Saturday we went and visited a bunch of people and street contacted and met with M.  We had dinner at the Z's and then had YSA where we played Ultimate Frisbee.  We had a few people come out.

Sunday we had church and T was going to pick up S but he slept in again. This is twice in a row so none of the people we invited came to church, but it was still really good. There is a new Mexican family form El Salvador that came. They just got here but the father was working at Maple Leaf for two years in order to get enough money to have them come over, which was great. After church we had an appointment with T and taught him a lot about temples.  We watched Mountain of the Lord with him had a dinner appointment with the P and the U family.  The B family was there too and it was really good. We were able to share a message with them and had a really good dinner. After that we tracted for the rest of the night and visited with A. We committed him to reading the Book of Mormon and had not much other success though. When we were tracting, there was one house and we could see the guy sitting on his couch just staring at us and even though we knocked and rang the doorbell. He completely ignored us. It was quite hilarious how ignorant the guy was being.

But that is basically our week.

-Love Elder Shane Dola