Monday, August 5, 2013

Dryden, Ontario

The weather here hasn't been too hot lately and the mosquitoes have been dying down quite a bit. It has been raining quite a bit lately and since it hasn't been that hot lately it probably means that we are going to have a longer, and colder winter this year than they even had last year!

I did get transferred which will be nice. I could probably use a change, so I will be heading up to Winnipeg on Thursday morning to transfer meetings and then will be headed off to Dryden Ontario, which I have heard is even smaller than Brandon! But I think I will like it there. It should be really good!

For birthday and Christmas gifts, I have no idea! Some pizza bread and canned peaches, maybe other kinds of foods too. I always need new ties, lots of paisley ties and other nice ones too. That Lord of the Rings Music on a flash drive maybe. A sewing kit would actually be useful because when I go to Dryden. I don't think there are any sisters there so I won't have anyone to do my sewing like they do it now. Maybe some tie clips and other good stuff. Maybe some stuff back from my home country of Canada! Also some toothbrush heads would be great since I am down to my last one! Thanks!

But I love you very much too!  Hope you have a good what's left of your summer!

-Love Elder Shane Dola