Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6

This week nothing too much happened. I don't have too much to report, we were able to visit with a couple pastors from the Seventh Day Adventist church on Monday which was fun they bought us dinner, some really nice people. Then we taught J again....

Tuesday I don't recall anything too spectacular happened. We helped a less active move some things from her yard and met with B.

Wednesday we had district meeting and we did get to go to a soccer game.

Thursdays was transfers and we were able to meet with J and X again and we went and cut our Ward Mission leaders lawn.

Friday I am not in remembrance of what happened...

Saturday we had conference and then we had a meal with 22 missionaries by some of the members in our ward. Then we had conference, and then a dinner party with another member family in our ward, then the priesthood session, then we came home.

Sunday we had conference, lunch, more conference and then we had dinner and planned for the next week and made a bunch of phone calls.

But I love you mom. You take care and do not worry about the dog bites. If anything was seriously wrong the mission would have contacted you! :)

-Love Elder Shane Dola