Monday, September 29, 2014

September 28

This week was a little crazy, a lot of fun and a few near death experiences including getting mauled by four rather large dogs....

Monday was a normal p-day we had dinner and then we went to this Seventh Day Adventist seminar, that was weird but the people were very nice and the Pastor is taking us to dinner tonight!

Tuesday was a interesting day we visited a member, and helped him take some plastic off his bed and take some trash out for him. Then we went and did our online work and had to go to anther eye appointment at Costco....after that we contacted a few people in the street and then we went over to a family to help them walk their dogs. We got there and were getting ready to take the three largest ones for a walk and Bro. L realized he needed to get a better leash for one and was apprehensive to leave the dogs alone with us, but after us telling him numerous times not to worry about it he quickly ran inside to get the leash. We were standing there and right when he went in a couple walked by the yard and the dogs started barking at them and got really excited and one jumped on me and her paw got stuck in my pocket so I lifted it out and pushed her off a bit and then all hell broke loose!!! All of the dogs thought that I was attacking them and so the three giant dogs started barking at me and jumping at me and chasing me in this tiny yard and we were standing there are bunched up because we were holding the leashes and they pinned us in there. I got bit a couple times got my shirt torn and multiple puncture wounds! It was crazy! it all happened within less than a minute! Then luckily brother L came out just as they were getting ready to eat me!!! But then they eventually calmed down, I dressed the wounds and we went about and walked the big crazy dogs! Then we had dinner with J and X and taught her the Plan of Salvation, most of which she doesn't agree with. 

Wednesday we had district meeting then we had lunch and Elder Ruth had to go to court and to the mission office and then we saw brother Sears and then shared a message at the L home and then they fed us dinner and then we went to another seminar later that night and met a few more people.

Thursday we spent all day out with Brother G. We helped him load some wood into his basement for winter and then we had dinner and helped his brother P pick rocks in a fairly large field for a couple hours then we went and helped his really old neighbors. We cleared out their garden and cut the grass and weed whipped it, cut some fire wood just all kinds of stuff then we went back Brother G and his wife fed us again and we met this random guy named C who just came out who was trying to sell some firewood, he had dinner with us and we invited him to learn from us. Then he left we shared some spiritual thoughts with Bro and Sister G and then we headed back into Winnipeg and that was our day.

Friday Elder Ruth had to go to a clinic to see a doctor about his knee, then he went to court again got that sorted out we did our Online and then went and helped sister F mow her lawn and X too then she fed us we went tracting for a bit and then we saw the C family shared a message with them and they fed us and we later went to another seminar and met some more people.

Saturday we got transfer calls. I am staying. We volunteered for an organization called boys and girls club where we went and helped with a BBQ they were running at Giant Tiger and I got to run around in a blazing hot Tiger costume for two hours in 30 degree weather harassing people and made some kids pretty happy and some other ones pretty scared. Then we did our online and just tried to find people the rest of the night to teach but to no avail.

Sunday we had missionary correlation and had to help our ward mission leader change the tire on his van then we had sacrament and Elder Ruth and I taught the Gospel Doctrine class. Later we stopped by some other members and LA members and then there was a CWM fireside at the YSA chapel

But I love you you take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola