Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1

Well this week we didn't seem to really accomplish anything...

Monday was P-day and we actually had an appointment with an investigator and we even had a priest to come with us but when we got there no one answered the door! So we went tracting for a bit. Then we got a text from a member we didn't know and he wanted us to come and teach him so we went over and ends up that this guy is crazy so that was what our night was. Then we went to the dollar store and bought some grabbers and some bags and just picked up some garbage and tried to contact people that way.

Tuesday we got some boiled eggs from the sister missionaries, who got them from a member. Then we contacted people on the streets and found a potential investigator. Then we had an appointment with a less-active member, but when we got there (and we had a member with us for fellowship), they were just leaving and were one their way to Montreal, because apparently that is where they are now going to live...we then picked up garbage again for a while. Then we had dinner and had our other appointment with a recent convert less active get cancelled. Then we contacted a few former investigators and set up an appointment with one of them for the next day.

Wednesday I had my district meeting and then we didn't have time for lunch so we rushed over to our appointment, only to have no one answer the door. We then visited a member and got to know him, then we trash picked again... then we had dinner and then our appointment that night got cancelled again. Then we ended up helping our ward mission leader move a new washer and dryer into his home from bishop's home.

Thursday we visited a few former's and got a hot dog at Costco for lunch. Then we went and helped a member from another ward load up a moving van and then got fed again. Then we drove out into the Boonies and helped a member do some gardening but before that he fed us a very large meal. Then we were there the rest of the day and that was probably the highlight of my week.

Friday we delivered some bread and food from a member to another member's home and weekly planned and then we had lunch and helped a lady clean up her place a bit. Then we did some online work and then we went and contacted a few more former's and had a meal appointment with a member and had the most awkward lesson I have had on my entire mission with their family. Then we had basketball night and the two people we have been trying to work with didn't even show up and my assumption is because we invited them to hear what we share with people and they have ignored us ever since!

Saturday we finished weekly planning, had lunch and then we did stuff but I don't remember what. Later we did our online work and then helped an older couple by filling up their water jugs. We then went and mowed a sister's lawns for her house and her other house....then she took us out to eat at a restaurant named "Foody Goodie" which was good. We then stopped by a few more former's that night, but no one was home.

Sunday we had a correlation meeting and Sacrament meeting and gospel principles. Then we attended the combined fifth Sunday meeting. We then had lunch, did our online work and not too much else happened the rest of the day. Later we had dinner and then went to a mission fireside and none of the people we invited to come with us came...

Today is P-day and everything is closed so we haven't done anything all day except for playing volleyball for p-day Zone activity, doing laundry and drinking Double Gulp's...

-Love Elder Shane Dola