Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25 - Winnipeg

This week was crazy Monday. We had 4 meal appointments saying goodbye to some friends and families.
Tuesday we had district meeting and saw some other people before I left. 
Wednesday was even busier as I said bye to everyone, taught some lessons, and set a baptismal date again for Jonnie.
Thursday got up at 4:30, left at 6 to Winnipeg and 
Friday and Saturday and Sunday I got situated with some of the members and the area and some of the leadership in the area and taught a few lessons to some members and less active members. 

Winnipeg is okay. It is just a big city with lots of road construction and concrete roads everywhere! The weather has sort of sucked ever since I got here. It was super hot and super humid the first day that I got here on Thursday, then it rained. Friday, Saturday and Sunday it just kept raining on and off, here a little there a little. Today it has been doing the same thing but I have not seen any huge storms yet?

I really didn't want to leave Regina but what can you do?  I had a brand new truck and now I have a car that lurches randomly and is dirty and smelly and wiper-blades don't work properly and it's always raining here! I had a lot of people that I was working hard with in Regina and lots of dates set for baptism or people who were set for baptism and here we have nothing!  Went from having it all to having nothing! And I can't find one of my journals I believe I may have lost it during packing/transfers! Also I miss the temple:(

But really that is just me being the pessimist I seem to be. I just need to get to work.

I love you, you take care! And don't you worry about me! I am fine.

-Love Elder Shane Dola