Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4

This week was a little crazy. We got fatter at Fat Burger and then e-mailed and shopped and cleaned our house. Then we went over to a non members house and they fed us pop and pizza for dinner and following dinner, we helped them move some stuff and then we went to the YSA activity for a while and played basketball. Then we went over and visited the Mantilla family and shared a message!

Tuesday we drove to Yorkton and attended their district meeting, did a teaching evaluation with Yorkton, ate their food and then went back to Melville and went on exchanges with them after we had a teaching evaluation with them. Had a good time and were able to teach a few people and had some good experiences.

Wednesday we drove back into Regina and went to some more district meetings and then we went and helped Brother S, out in Sedley move everything out of his basement. Then we went over to Brother Sa's home and we loaded the shed that we demolished a few weeks ago onto out truck and took it to the dump and on the way over to the dump we were on the Ring Road (Main highway) and even though the boards were strapped down, the wind caught some of the boards and they broke off and were all over the highway! It was not a really good time! We ran out and cleaned all of it off the high way and then put lots more straps down, took it to the dump and rushed over to the B's home and had dinner with them and our investigator N, who has been progressing very well! Following that we taught him the Plan of Salvation and half way through reading a scripture he felt the spirit so strongly that he got up and HAD to have a smoke to calm him down. But afterwards he shared some really great insights he had received and then we went and stopped by a few others.

Thursday we helped Brother and Sister M lay new sod at their house and cut down some trees with a chain saw and then they took all of us to DQ for lunch. We had online proselyting and we visited E again and shared a conference talk "Come Join With Us" and he really enjoyed it. It hit him really hard and he is getting closer and closer to deciding to come back to church! It was great! After that we went and had to go to Tony Romas again with sister C! ;) That was great! We then visited some former investigators the rest of the night and collected month end K's from our Zone and then the 2 sets of Zone Leaders came from Saskatoon and stayed the night.

Friday we shoved 12 missionaries into a 12 seater van and drove all the way to Brandon for our MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). It was really good. The Chapel had been renovated since I had last been there and it looked really good and I got to see some members that I knew from when I was last there!; Bishop Palmer and his wife. We had a really, really good meeting and learnt a lot and received a lot of great insights and things that we will need to apply more into the Zones around the mission! Then we drove all the way back after our 6-hour meeting and went to bed.

Saturday the Saskatoon Zone leaders left in the morning and we went to the temple last second. There was a family who came in and wanted to do some baptisms for the dead and we helped out and participated in those with them. Then we had a correlation meeting with the missionaries in our district, did a bunch of stuff I don't remember, had a good appointment with H, and found out that the reason he and X were not at Church last week was because X crashed the car on the way over to the church! But we had a good lesson and then we saw a ton more former investigators and visited N with brother Mason. It was a really good lesson again! 

Sunday C blessed the Sacrament for the first time! It was great! We had some good gospel principles classes and Co and N were there! Following that, we went and broke our fast with the Crebas' and shared a message with them, which was good. Then we had a lot of planning that we had to take care of and saw a few others, took indicators and then that was our week!

Take care and have a great week!

-Love Elder Shane Dola