Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11

This week was pretty slow and busy at the same time.

Monday we had our P-day and had dinner at the Forness' home, which was great and shared a message with them and shot a t-shirt gun. Then our appointment got cancelled so we went to the Basketball night and had a really good turn out. There were lots of non-members and investigators there, which was really great to see! 

Tuesday was a crazy day. I don't remember all that happened because almost nothing went to our original plan. We ended up giving blessings to some sisters and had almost all of our appointments launched. Then we visited C and were surprised by President and Sister Thomas showing up for interviews. We had dinner with the W family and then we picked up C and went to J's baptism, which went really good. There were tons of people there. The entire relief society room was overflowed (mostly because there were people there for meetings that night, but hey whatever). After that we planned for our Zone Training meeting.

Wednesday we got up and the entire Zone went to the Temple and we were able to do an endowment session. After the session, we quickly got lunch and went to the church and had our Zone Training meeting, which went pretty well. After that we visited C, who is doing really well. Then we had dinner with the famous B and his wife. Then we visited a member named S and then started our exchanges with Lewvan elders.

Thursday we went to the church and had interviews with President Thomas, which went pretty well. Following that we volunteered at Sarbis Brain injury place and then we had lunch and studies and visited a couple families, which was pretty good. Then we went to dinner at Denny’s with Sister C and then we visited another couple people before we closed our exchange.

Friday we went on a very dangerous quest. Then we did our online work and then we went over to President Woods (temple presidents) home and had a good visit with him and his wife and had a good lunch. We then had to get our oil changed, which was the worst. It took over 2 hours... and we were late to our Dinner appointment, but that went well. We then started another exchange with the other Elders in my District and visited a recent convert family, which was really good. Later that night there was a huge storm and the wind was blowing like crazy. We stood there and were hoping that this one tree would blow over, but unfortunately it did not.

Saturday we went and helped our Ward Mission Leader put on a pancake breakfast for the ward, which went pretty well. Following that, we went out and met a lot of people and potential investigators and handed out a few Books of Mormon and set some appointments up with some former investigators. We had a lot planned to do the rest of the day but were interrupted as we were called out to White City, which is like 10 Km's out of Regina where the storm the other night was a lot worse than in the city! So we went out there with the other missionaries in the City and helped people clean up their yards from tons of over turned trees and what not. Apparently there was no tornado, just a huge gust of wind in the storm that was going over 150 Km's an hour and just knocked everything down! But that was fun! I got to swing an ax around and found a Chainsaw and got it to work so we ended up spending the rest of the day out there clearing and cutting trees and branches and didn't even come close to getting everything done and this was just on one persons yard and there was like 30 people there at one point! 

Sunday was good. We finished our exchange and had a mission wide fast we participated in all day. We had N come to church and C and I were able to help C as he was able to pass the sacrament for the first time! I taught the gospel principles class and then we had priesthood and then things went a little Crazy as we were talking about Celestial marriage and N was super confused and one old guy in Elders Quorum just went off in all of these scriptures confusing him... but it is all good. We were able to explain some things a little bit better and we will see N tomorrow. After Church we had to do some things on the computer and then we visited C and had a good visit with him. Then we had a good appointment with H and X. They are doing pretty good. We then had dinner and broke the fast and then we went over to D, who we met on Friday after our dangerous quest. We taught him about the Book of Mormon a bit and he gave us some homemade pie and hot Chocolate and thank goodness it was only 28 degrees out at the time! But it was good. He will be coming to Church this up coming Sunday with his friend, who is a Bishop in Kingston, Ontario, and who will be in Regina. We then went and collected and sent in our Zone's indicators.

So it was a pretty busy week. Unfortunately we didn't see too much get accomplished missionary-wise.

Take care and have a good week! 

-Love Elder Shane Dola