Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22

This week was not too eventful....

Monday was P-day and we tried to find some more people to teach

Tuesday we had a Specialized training meeting which was pretty fun. We got to have some good practices and good portions given. Then we went home and on the way there was a handicapped guy trying to wheel himself down the road so Elder Garner got out and pushed him for over a kilometre. Then we got home later and had dinner and then we went over and taught J the restoration with X, which was interesting. Then I went on Exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders.

Wednesday we went and dropped off Elder McGreogor who was heading back up to Flin Flon. Then we went about our day just doing the work in the Zone Leaders area.

Thursday we were able to visit M from Dryden. It was really good, he is doing great and is still keeping all the commandments and goes to church even when he is out of town. Then we spent the rest of the day trying to find people to teach. Then we visited B who is a recent convert and helped answer some of his questions.

Friday we Weekly Planned and saw a few members and walked around looking for people to teach. Then we had basketball night which was pretty good.

Saturday we got giant needles stabbed into our arms again and had blood pumped out into a tube into a bag (we donated blood) then we helped a family move. Then we went down town and tried to meet some people at rights-fest as the Human Right Museum opened this weekend and apparently Obama and Harper were there or are going to be there at one point or another. Then later we saw J and X again.

Sunday we went to church and walked around the city. Then we did our online work, then we had dinner, and then we stopped by some former investigators and had another Dinner with X and J and shared the plan of salvation with her.

But I love you.  Hope you have a great week! Take care

-Love Elder Shane Dola

I forgot to mention on Thursday Elder Ruth jumped on a bus and were contacting people downtown and when we went to take the bus back home we were on the bus for like 10 minutes and Elder Ruth realized he had lost the phone and the last place he had it was at the bus stop. So I said a prayer that we would be able to find the phone and so we got to the next bus stop and got off and waited like 25 minutes for the bus to take us back to the area of the the bus stop where we thought we lost the phone. So eventually we get back and sitting there on the bench was our phone. It had ding in it as if it were dropped or something but someone picked it up and put it back on the bench. Boring story I know but there was our miracle of the week!