Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8

This week wasn't all too eventful:

Monday we had P-day and had a good dinner with our Bishop.

Tuesday we went out to a home in the boonies and mixed concrete and laid a slab down, ate dinner then we went back into town and Elder Ruth got called to Jury Duty back in El Paso so we had to go and get a form notarized so that he doesn't get sent to jail when he gets off of the plane to go home. The lawyer charged $42 for a signature and for the page to get stamped....can't wait for that day. We then went and had to get groceries so we didn't completely starve to death since Monday was Labor Day.

Wednesday we had district meeting, had lunch, and then climbed up on some roof and cleaned out the gutters and I burnt my hand the roof was so hot! Then we were busy stopping by a few other people and then we went to Staples, made some pass-along cards, and then stopped by a few more former investigators to no avail.

Thursday nothing really went through according to plan. We had dinner with Serge and Ging Cardona and then Villy Cardona from Regina showed up, so that was weird, and even weirder was we had Huber corn for part of our dinner...

Friday we weekly planned, saw some other people, climbed up on another roof and almost got struck by lightning. Then we went home and tried to make dinner but our stove was taking forever to cook our spaghetti squash so we were only able to eat our garlic toast and half way through eating it Elder Ruth noticed that the bottom of the bread was super moldy lol so we threw that away and played basketball and our investigators didn't show up again unfortunately.

Saturday we visited another member and called some other members, had a dinner appointment, and spent the rest of the night trying to find people to teach.

Sunday was interesting. A guy randomly walked into church half way through Sacrament, which was too bad because the stake presidency was there and they just replaced the Bishopric, so it was a different kind of meeting. But afterwards we talked to him and gave him a BOM and he stayed for Gospel Principles and unfortunately I think the teacher may have scared him off and he took off right before the class was over and we chased him down in the street and said he would come back to church if he is interested anymore. Then we tried setting up a bunch of appointments with some other members and got a surprise. A member from the YSA ward had a new roommate, who we were able to teach and eat dinner with and it went really good. Then we had another dinner appointment, which was strange. Then we were able to contact some Less-active members and set up some appointments and then I took indicators.

But I love you have a great week!

-Love Elder Shane Dola