Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

This week was not the greatest week.

Monday was P-day and then we stopped by a few former investigators and had all of our other appointments cancelled.

Tuesday was pretty good. We helped a man weed a bit of his yard. Then we went to Costco and had lunch and waited forever for them to get Elder Ruth's contacts ordered.  Then we did a few other things, saw a few other people, had dinner, and then got a new investigator. Then we met with our other investigator.

Wednesday we had district meeting and had to go back to Costco, so we had lunch there again. We got the contacts, which took even longer than it did to order them. Did our online work then we walked the streets, visited the L family who have some really great dogs. 11 mastiffs.... then our other appointments got cancelled.

Thursday was fun. We went out and picked about 10,000 tomatoes and cucumbers and onions and beets and all the rest of the garden. We had lunch with R, then we went and helped G split wood for like 3 hours. Then he fed us and we came back into town and got a surprise dinner appointment from sister F, who was cooking and preparing us this meal all day, which was huge and we were so full, but ate it anyways!

Friday we weekly planned and got stuff ready for the BBQ all day and then had the BBQ which was good, besides the fact that they didn't have enough food!

Saturday we had an appointment with J but she left right when we got there and we don't know why. We went on exchanges and met a few other people throughout the day.

Sunday we had ward correlation and then ward council with our new bishop and then no one came to church! Gospel principles class was crazy. Priesthood was good  and then we spent the rest of the day contacting former investigators and less active members.