Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6

This week we spent all week inviting people to General Conference and tried getting the word out for that!:

Monday we had our P-day and spent most of it with B, got stuck in the mud, had some of our appointments cancel on us, but we saw W and then we drove to Indian head and had our appointment there cancel on us to so we came home.

Tuesday we stopped by people most of the day and saw W and weren't able to do all too much the remainder of the day, because we went over our Kilometer allotment.

Wednesday we were busy in the morning and then we saw E in the afternoon and shared a message with him and his sisters.

Thursday we helped out M with her fundraiser that she was doing at work and then we went over to the daycare and had a free Turkey Dinner at the Day care then we went and tried contacting some more people, had dinner and then our other appointments got cancelled. Then we had Youth Night where only three kids showed up. Then C came with his projector and we went and had to go and get a VCR from the school and we set up the satellite and everything for conference.

Friday we weekly planned and set some other things up before going over to W's for Easter Dinner with her family, that was fun and a little crazy at the same time. Then we went around to almost every house on the reserve and gave out invitations for General Conference for the rest of the night and ended up having a super spiritual, super great lesson with H!

Saturday we had Conference all set up and absolutely no on came at all all day except C came with like 10 minutes left in the Priesthood session. We also were involved with the Grad Fundraiser volleyball tournament at the school all day and played 13 sets and I'll tell you, I haven't played Volleyball for over 3 years and my entire body was aching after that day.

Sunday still no one came to the morning session, and we then went to M's place for lunch they had a BBQ then we went back to conference and no one came except M came for the last hour of the afternoon session.. After that we went out and saw W and then stopped by some others who ended up not being home, so we then went to the S's and shared a message with them on Easter and had a good visit! Then we got our Kilometer allotment for this month and were pretty disappointed because we only received a base of about 1300 instead of 1800 and it is hard enough already trying to get around to people on CTK when it has an area of over the size of the city of Regina where there are about 200 household spread out everywhere....

-Elder Shane Dola
Got a little stuck on this road that turns into a field.