Monday, March 30, 2015

Amba a-ou Hoksina Anungiab AND DIABETES

This week was pretty eventful.

Monday we had our P-day and visited with W afterwards and tried to meet some other members out here and went out to Montmartre and Woseley trying to track them down.

Tuesday there was a blizzard but we went out and planned and had lunch and met with some people and were around the community the rest of the day. We had dinner with W and met with C and B.

Wednesday was pretty crazy. We were at the Band-hall from about 8:30 - 4:00 helping out with set up and we BBQ the burgers and hot-dogs and just helped around and got to socialize and work with a lot of the people there. We finally met Vance Thompson, one of the Councillors and were able to set up a time to see him. We talked with one of the Ladies we were working with and she expressed that she wanted to be baptized into the Mormon Church so we have plans to be working with her in the future. It was a health fair/seminar/whatever-you-want-to-call-it and there was a booth set up where they test your blood sugar and blood pressure and it turns out that my blood sugar was 9.7 and blood-pressure 144/97 turns out the nurse says I might have diabetes! Turns out that my unhealthy eating habits I have acquired on my mission are taking it's toll on me... After that we had to take care of a few things.

Thursday we were in Regina for a Zone Conference all day but it was really good. It was my last Zone Conference and I gave my departing testimony it was pretty crazy! After the meeting President Thomas pulled me aside and told me that I will be extending my mission for 3 Months! We then went home and had our youth night and called it a night.

Friday we weekly planned and went to the school for a while and went for lunch with B, stopped by a bunch of people and met some more members and then we had dinner. We saw W and then had a good visit with K, a member who we have been trying to meet for quite a while!

Saturday we contacted a couple more people and knocked on a few doors before going to W's. Her son  passed away in March 3 years ago and in the Traditional ways you honor them every year during the month that one passes away so we went there and had a feast with her and all but three of her Children. But what was really neat was before that they had a ceremony for me where I received an "Indian Name" my name is "Amba a-ou Hoksina" which means "Coming of the Dawn Boy" which is a really nice name. It was really good experience. Afterwards we went out to Indian Head and tried contacting some more people on our list and then came home had a late dinner and taught some lessons online and then we went and set up the church for Sunday.

Sunday we had Church  and only 9 people were there but it was good. Afterwards we had lunch and did online work then we met with A and then had dinner with C and B and then we had lesson with the S family! 

All in all  Pretty good week!

-Love Elder Shane Dola

P.S. I actually don't actually have diabetes. Surprisingly my numbers were fine. Unfortunately, those were actually my companions numbers so he might have diabetes.
Also I am actually not extending my mission that was merely a little joke!  

Moccasins that were made for me

Me being me

-Elder Dola