Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2

To answer your questions: This week was pretty good. The weather hasn't been all too bad. The team won the other night against the team they lost to last time by one point. 39-24 was the score this time so it was a better game! We help coach the Boys team but mainly it is the girls team!

As far as BYU goes, I have no idea where I plan to live or with who! I honestly am surprised that I got in so quick! I think it would be fun and easier if I lived in a Hotel, that way I could focus on school and not have to worry about any house work because of room service and what not! But in all seriousness I went to the site and accepted the admission. Thanks again for all of the time and work you put in helping me apply! I couldn't have done it without your help! Thanks again! :) 

This week was good though
Monday we had P-day and basketball practice and saw Wilma.
Tuesday we had appointments and refereed the boys basketball game and then our team play in Cupar and won.
Wednesday we had district meeting and and had quite a few other appointments throughout the day, met some new people, played ping pong.
Thursday we had breakfast at W's went to Indian Head and gave E a blessing, then we just had appointments throughout the rest of the day, then basketball practice and our Youth Night.
Friday we helped in the Cafeteria and met a lot of people we hadn't met before just all over the reserve and then we spent some time with B that night.
Saturday we were in the Ping Pong tournament at the school in the morning and taught quite a few lessons throughout the remainder of the day.
Sunday was church. Attendance was pretty good, had 26 people come, 5 investigators. After that we were out and about around the reserve visiting people and what not.

Love you mom, have a great week! 

Love Elder Shane Dola