Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16

This week was good, pretty busy

Monday was P-day and we were with B for a part of it just deepfrying stuff and whatnot then we had practice and saw a couple people that evening.

Tuesday was a blur I don't remember who all we saw that day or what happened there besides the team playing in Montmartre and going back and forth with the score before winning 32-30 in the last seconds of the game and the referee's were definitely the worst I have ever seen, two high school girls who never reffed before but they pulled it off and won. 

Wednesday we had a Zone Training Meeting in Regina and made it back had dinner and saw some more people taught some lessons.

Thursday we pretty busy all day, had practice mixed with the boys team, we went and saw a bunch more people taught some more lessons and had our youth night

Friday we weekly planned and contacted a bunch of people all throughout the day.

Saturday we had breakfast with Rocky at Wilma's then we went to Montmartre and had our first game. The winner of that game qualified for Regionals the following weekend. We played Cupar again and that game was really intense. The score was back and forth the whole game and was tied at 49-49 at the end of the fourth quarter and then overtime score was 52-51. But we won and qualified for Regionals which was a huge milestone for the school they had never been to regionals in Basketball before! After that we played against Montmartre for 1st place in the division and that game was pretty bad, the girls were completely gassed from the game before and we ended up losing pretty bad but it was fine because Montmartre didn't play yet so were still fully energized, and the girls still had fun! After that we went and ate pizza as a team before we headed to Regina for Stake Conference and interviews with President Thomas

Sunday we went to Stake Conference and then had dinner at President and Sister Mason's after then came back to the Rez, went around and contacted homes the rest of the night, got stuck in the mud in our AWD vehicle but got out pretty quick. Spent the remainder of the night with B

Today is P-day and hopefully get to relax atleast until 6:00PM feeling sick since yesterday have a headcold

Yes we got transfer calls on Saturday, I will be staying here in CTK for my last transfer.

Yeah the weather has been pretty good here too! Everything melted and turned the roads in to huge mud swamps.

I was also wondering if you could do me a favor and send me the recipe for the pizza bread and your chicken pizza! Thanks!

But I love you mom! You have a great week!

-Elder Shane Dola