Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23

I have been pretty good! Had a good week. The tournament was Regionals where there are 16 teams that play, everyone played 2 games and only 4 teams moved on. Next week is Provincials so it basically was Zones. That's pretty crazy that the Hat High girls won provincials though!

This week was pretty fun!

Monday was our P-day and then we went with the boys and girls basketball teams to Regina and watched the City Final at the UofR. The teams (LaBoldus and Balfour) were pretty evenly matched, it was a good overall game.

Tuesday we were pretty busy, we had some guy look at our trailer with the rotting floor and then we went out to Glenavon and gave sister H a Priesthood blessing, she was not feeling well but afterwards she was a lot better! Then we proceeded to shovel out snow from side of her house for like 2 hours so that it was no longer leaking into her basement as it melted! Then we came back onto CTK, had a basketball practice and had a good visit with W, then we went over and had a really good lesson with L and L and had a Family Home Evening with them. L had some really good insights from the story that I shared with him and noted that he was simply procrastinating his Baptism! 

Wednesday we spent a lot of time contacting homes and then we helped set up for the relief society social and set up some people here in the community to work with the Masons with using the church building for things so that was good. We then visited W and then had dinner and spent the rest of the night with T and T!

Thursday we saw R and had a really great experience over there with him.  He was baptized in his teens but didn't really want to be baptized and fell away from the church right after he was baptized and has never been active in the church. He is very strong in his traditional beliefs and is what some would call a traditional medicine man and what not but he recently has been not feeling well and has been having some problems with his blood pressure and usually when we visit him it is just a social visit type of thing we rarely teach him much but that day he asked us to give him a blessing before we left, which was really humbling to see him humble himself to receive a blessing. When we saw him the next day he told us he was feeling way better!

Friday we stopped by W and R was there and J showed up too so we shared a thought with them before we all headed off on our own separate ways. The rest of the day was spent traveling and playing basketball.

Saturday we played our game and got lunch and headed back and had a visit with the Simon family. Basketball was really good though. This being the first time ever that the girls team made it to Regionals (equivalent to Zones in Alberta) they were ranked 16th and we lost both games, but it was such a great experience for all of those involved. They started up halfway through the season and made it to Regionals which was a huge milestone for the school. The girls were all very excited and it was really neat to see that they all had fun even thought they got beat pretty bad by both teams that they played! Overall it was  great way to end off their season, they left with their heads held high!

Sunday we woke up and it snowed again, big surprise, we only had 12 people at church unfortunately. But it was still really good because we invited all of the girls from the basketball team to attend, they all agreed but only 2 of them showed up. But they had a really good experience and are coming next week and told the other girls on the team that they had a good experience and so now there are more who are saying that they are coming next week to church. It was really cool to see L who came to church, she  used to come all the time as a child but hadn't been in like 10 years and then M came, she had never been to church before so it was all completely new to her. She really like it and during Sunday school you could tell she was really overwhelmed by the spirit and when speaking with her later she said she was definitely coming back next Sunday and we didn't even have to invite her! So that was really great! After that we had lunch and went to the bandhall for a while there was a bingo fundraiser on for Marcus. Then we went and tried to find some less-active members who live in the towns around CTK but were out of luck there, came home and had dinner and saw K before calling it a night, overall a very good week!
Love you, you take care! :)

-Elder Dola