Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10

This week was pretty good; we had two lessons with our baptismal date investigator, but we haven't been able to get in contact with him since Saturday night because his cell phone got disconnected but I'm sure that we will find them. We taught a few other lessons this week to some less-actives and practiced some teaching with members and what not. We had a record of three meal appointments planned this week and we got a surprise invite to the Bishops house on Friday and there was also a potluck at church yesterday after ward conference which we had forgot about so we had 5 total meals this week.  It was great!!

We help out at the soup kitchen again and got called down to the food bank where we got to move stuff around in the freezer and packaged meat and other stuff. This week was kind of tough meeting with our investigators and less-actives because the fair/carnival was here this week and pretty well everyone was either working there or had a part in it or were just there. 

Saturday was pretty interesting we went to the parade and walked around the route/path of the parade so basically the whole city was able to see us and know who we were and we were able to talk to a few people. Which was really good and really effective since nearly the whole city was out at the parade. But after that it was horrible. Elder M and I were told by Elder Mc that we were close to home and that we could probably walk home so we were tired and wanted to go home after they were going to go pick up the truck which was really far away from where we were. But once we turned the corner we realized that we weren't nearly as close to home as we thought.   They had deceived us and picked on  us (the new missionaries while they had been out in Brandon for 4 months now) and we had to walk a treacherous journey across the city for almost an hour almost 5km through forests on the side of the road infested with ticks and other ravenous beasts such as squirrels in the scorching humid heat of Manitoba, it was rough but we made it only after being scammed out of 50cents each from one of the members whose kids were selling lemonade. But yeah...

We also had YSA again and played soccer not as many people came because of the fair again but over all it was a good week!

But yeah not too much else is new. I love you all hope you have a great week

Love Elder Shane Dola

P.S. Just a normal day in Brandon and a picture of our mission vehicle