Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 24

This week was pretty good, it has been really humid some days and has rained a few days too, and yeah, the mosquitoes are still on their rise to power however they aren't quite as bad as long as you are not near the river.

It's too bad to hear about the flooding though; that really does not sound fun quite at all. I feel bad for the hundreds of thousands of people who had to evacuate their homes and especially those who have lost their homes. It looks like I left at the perfect time though, not having to do any sandbags at home and not having to do any sandbags here either. Kind of ironic how "High" River got flooded though eh? It would be kind of fun to go canoeing downtown though!
That doesn't make much sense that you still have to go to work but it really doesn't surprise me.

Highlights of the Week:

This week we went fishing with T again and Elder McRitchie was the only one who caught a little fish.  After that we had a good lesson with T, still trying to strengthen his faith so he can grow his testimony.

Tuesday we had a good lesson with A again and he has really been progressing quite a lot. We read 1 Nephi 8 with him and explained the tree of life, and we later had a really good dinner with a recent convert Spanish family from our ward who are going to get sealed in the temple soon. They are a great family and we had a really good visit with them and shared an interesting object lesson with them.

Wednesday we met with a part member, less active family, and had a very interesting discussion with them. The one guy had tons of questions and the lesson was all over the place but it was still not too bad. They are really nice and wanted to come to church and had us for supper on Friday, which really nice.

Thursday we went to the soup kitchen and food bank again and had a really good lesson with A again and Friday we did quite a bit of tracting.  Saturday we tracted a lot and had YSA again and played basketball.

Sunday was great. We had T, our less active member, pick up A and bring him to church, which was fantastic. A loved it and could really tell how strong he felt the spirit. I'm really sure we can baptize him soon. After church we decided we would tract in the very rich neighborhood where all the huge houses in Brandon were and it was raining so we got our suits soaked and had a good time. Barely anyone was interested except for one, possibly two, potentials that we might go back and follow up with, but after that we had a dinner appointment with a family and T came too.  We were able to watch the Works of Salvation Broadcast, which was soo good and talked about member missionary work. If you haven't already watched it, you definitely need to, and show it to all the other members.

But that was mostly what we were up to last week.  We had transfer calls on Friday and I am staying here. Over all it was a pretty good week.

Love you all

-Love Elder Shane Dola