Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17

Over night last Sunday the wrath of the Mosquitoes came upon us as all of the hordes and massive swarms of mosquitoes awoke from their hibernation, biting, destroying and terrorizing as they went their way. Monday I killed over 100 mosquitoes.  The fight is on. The humidity has come out and it is really humid. This week we got caught in two thunderstorms and it has been raining and pouring all week.

But yeah it was a really good week. We had p-day Monday and for FHE and we went fishing with one of our less actives. He doesn't have any family here and there is not a very big group of YSA so we have become his friend and he has been progressing really, really well since I have known him.  It’s really great to see.

Tuesday we went on exchanges for the first time which was really good and President Thomas and Sister Thomas were making their way back to Winnipeg.  They stopped in Brandon and took all 6 of us out for lunch and had a good talk with them which was great. After that Elder Mohlman and I went and we found a guy on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon and We found our media referral on the street riding his bike while we were walking down the street having tried his door 10 minutes ago with no reply. He saw us and recognized us by our clothing. We met him and taught the restoration to him on his front lawn and found out that he had recently had the discussions back in the 90's. He said he has really been wanting to change his life around and stop drinking and other stuff and one day he found a pass along card on the side of the road and picked it up and called the number. It was crazy how we received him. He is very prepared already. He asked if he could be baptized before we even had the chance to invite him.

Then on Wednesday we still hadn't been in contact with our other baptismal date because his phone got canceled so we hadn't seen him in like 5 days so we prayed that we would be able to find him. And so we did find him. He is going to the University and lives in the residences there on the top floor where the doors require a key-card to get in and out of the building and there is no door bells or anything. But anyways we were walking by his building and he said he just randomly felt inspired to look out the window right when we were walking by and we went up and were able to talk to him and teach him twice with in the next two days, which was great.

Thursday we went to the soup kitchen again which is always a good experience; getting to serve the people even if some of them are rude and unappreciative. Saturday we had our ward picnic and had a pretty good turnout and there were a bunch of random people (didn't speak any English) that came and no one could understand them but two of them came to church the next day. That night we had YSA activity and had a bunch of water balloon fights and games and what not and when we came home one of the members of our ward send the 4 Elders pizza and wings to our house; it was great. Sunday, no one we invited that said that they were going to come, came, but that's okay. We still had an okay day.

But yeah not much else is new.

I think there are 48 companionships here and 19 more missionaries (16 elders and 3 sisters) coming in at the start of the next transfers.

Elder Dola