Friday, November 1, 2013

October 21, 2013

My week was really busy as per usual, but things will most likely be slowing down a bit. Investigators are doing pretty good not progressing as fast as I would really like but that's just me being impatient and the Lord letting me know that it is in His time and that I need to work harder and work on the Christ like Attribute of Patience. It was snowing and has been snowing/hailing/raining/sleet these last three days. Sometimes there is sun and it will be warm but usually it's been between 0 degrees to 7 degrees.

Don't have much time this week but:

Monday we had P-day and a Thanksgiving dinner out at the Scotts.
Tuesday we helped out at the mission and had a lesson with one of the Less-active members along with other service opportunities.
Wednesday we helped at the Foodbank and helped another Lady clean her windows and had a great lesson with X out at the Vahovicks. It was fantastic
Thursday we went out to Aaron park for the last time and helped close up the park and split more wood, volunteered at the DNFC, had a dinner at the Haesslers and had our Last Yoga Night with X.
Friday we weekly planned and visited a few of our investigators, had another lesson with X, and had a good bible study.
Saturday we were super busy cutting and stacking wood and visiting people and went to the Freemasons dinner, which was great. We were invited there by one of our investigators, and met tons of people and had a great time and some of our other investigators were there also. After we were able to have a really good talk with X.
Sunday was busy. X came to Church the whole three hours and that was the first time. We had a really good Ward Council meeting where we were able to follow up on General Conference Talks, had a really good lesson with X and said he still thinks he wants to be baptized and is praying to know when he will be ready for that.  After that we had a great dinner at the Scotts.

I love you!

-Love Elder Shane Dola