Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16

My week was good, and it warmed up a bit on Saturday, but was back down to -31 on Sunday, and lots of people’s car wouldn't start, but mine did because we plugged it in! Our investigators are progressing pretty well but they all have their concerns, which are being resolved, and the main thing is some just don't come to church! But the virtue of Patience definitely is needed. I really don't know exactly when I will Skype you or whatever. It will be on Wednesday, I know that much, and I will have more information for you next Monday! But it is great to hear that you are doing well and that everyone else back home seems to be doing well also!  Yes, I have been reading those Christmas stories you sent every night, thank you! And no, I have not yet made my birthday cake but we did use the candles the other day on Elder Elliott's Birthday cake that sister Tambre made for him!

I don't have much else to write and will tell you more stuff on Wednesday next week, but I love you, take care.

-Love Elder Shane Dola