Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9

So I was not transferred, staying in Dryden, but two new Elders are coming so Elder Elliott will not be my companion any longer after this Thursday. However we will still be in the same apartment until the 21st when the Tambres go home and then we will live across the hall from each other! It is going to be good, and I may or may not end up going to Atikokan if the senior couple who is supposed to be going up there get their Visas to India any time soon!

But this week was pretty great!

Monday we had P-day and had FHE with some Members.

Tuesday it snowed all day and night and also Wednesday, but Tuesday we were busy all day doing all kinds of stuff, like getting stuck in our car. We taught a great lesson with a less-active where we went to his workplace and he prayed for the first time in he doesn’t know how long, it was great! We also helped out at the Mission and then ran a youth Mutual night for the 3 youth here in Dryden, stopped by some others had dinner with the Haesslers and then a really good appointment and lesson with P's.

Wednesday we traveled up to Fort Francis for a Zone Training Meeting with Elder Tambre and the roads were not the greatest going up but on the way back they were absolutely horrible.  It blizzarded and the road that we take wasn’t plowed and we kind of almost died, but we didn’t. We made it home and then we had a good bible study and had a non-member and a less-active member come out!

Thursday we had a good lesson with x and her kids. We taught her more about Jesus Christ and watched “Finding faith in Christ” with her and had a good conversation with her afterwards. Then we had other places to go, but it took us over an hour to get out of our parking lot! Because they didn't plow it yet! But after that, we ended up shoveling lots of other people’s snow for quite a while and it was like 3 feet deep in some places. We also received and contacted a few referrals that day, had dinner at a less-active and taught him, and then taught a new investigator.  Then we helped out y with making Balloons for the Christmas Party the next day.

Friday we had a great lesson with the P's, received and contacted two referrals, taught a non-active member, and had a great Christmas party where about 35 people came out, including 4 investigators and some less-actives and non-members as well, one who hadn’t been to the church in over 15 years!

Saturday we helped this one lady move all morning and had to move a huge piano and an old hide-a-bed... not pleasant. Then we drove across a Lake! A real live lake! Then President was in town so we got to see him, for a few minutes and ate lunch with him, sister Thomas and the Tambres. Then we were busy shoveling more snow, stopped by a few others, and had a lesson with z.

Sunday was slow. No one came to church but we had a good meeting and got our weekly planning done finally! Then we went to the Dryden Mission Volunteer Dinner, which was great and many people we know, who are all part of the Mission Staff Volunteers, were there so we got to spend time with them and have a good dinner. Then we went to the First Presidency Devotional which wasn’t actually the First Presidency Devotional, which was kind of sad, but it was still good and lots of non-members who we didn’t even know came, and everyone had a great time!

Today we had to clean out our storage room in our apartment because our garbage leaked, which we had been collecting for almost a month, (Because here in NW Ontario you have to buy tags for your garbage and they are $20 for 8 tags so we try to fit as much in a bag as we can to save money because we are poor!!!) and that was super rank and super disgusting. so that was not fun at all. But yeah other then that things have been great! 

-Love Elder Shane Dola!