Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20

My week was pretty good; nothing too extraordinary happened, just transfer calls, going to Weyburn Sk so I will be closer to home than to the Mission Home come this Thursday!

But not too much happened this week I will never write such as I did last week that literally took forever... 

So this week we were teaching J and discussing the importance of sacrament, when out of nowhere she related to us a dream she had the night before where she was working with a shovel and white robed figures came down and "told her to do something." When she accepted what they said, she started to feel this sense of love and joy more than she had ever experienced before and she just felt that everything was going to be alright and it would all work out. When she looked down, her shovel she was working with turned into gold. She woke up from her dreaming laughing because of the pure joy she was experiencing. So she tells us this and has no idea what the dream means. We didn't tell her because we want her to figure it out for herself, but basically she just had a heavenly vision where Heavenly Messengers came down and told her to pay tithing and she knew it was the right thing to do. She'll figure it out eventually; I hope.... nothing I can really do.

We are also now teaching another Pastor. He recently moved into Dryden and he is very interested in learning, but not so much in changing. He’s a super great guy and I already like him a lot. The way he sits though is ridiculous, he almost slid off his computer chair like 4 times while we were talking with him. 

M is still being the most solid guy, President came down this week for sacrament meeting and said right after he met M:  "Nice work Elders! We need to get this guy baptized so he can be the next branch president!"

But it is great to hear that you and everyone else seems to be doing well you all take care, Love you

-Love Elder Shane Dola

The ice road and ice hut fishing community on Wabigoon Lake.