Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6

My week was good but today was a little hectic. We are not quite yet frozen to death but possibly soon! Basically they say it's too cold to come out when it is -40 but also use your own discretion. New Year’s Eve we had a normal day of missionary work and then went to President MacDonald's and he had a branch party there and had some fireworks. We had special permission so we didn't have to be back until 10:30 that night. It was fun. It is great to hear that everyone else had a great time at home.

It has been too cold lately for lots of traveling appointments across the mission here! Great to hear everyone else is well too, and they will always be in my prayers!

But things have been great! I don't have any time right now to write you much but I will get back to you next week!  Love you. Take care.

-Love Elder Shane Dola

We had to walk to the church on New Year’s Day because the sticker for the license plate hadn't come yet and it was about an hour walk in -30 degree weather. I don't know what the windchill was but it wasn't that bad! Needless to say we only didn't have our car for that 1 day and were super happy when it came in the mail the next day and we could drive!