Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27

The roads in Sask are horrible. Road from Highway one to Weyburn was broken up and super narrow and cracked and bumpy and had "soft shoulder" warning everywhere. Sometimes the road would just drop off and would be gravel or sometimes just mud!

This week was super interesting:

Monday we had P-day and I got everything sorted out and ready for me to go kind of, and went to J and got a haircut, and then went to M for lunch. After, we helped him take a few loads of garbage to the dump, then we went and taught G one last time.

Wednesday was crazy. We taught Pastor T and that went all right. He was asking about temples and baptisms for the dead and we really stumped him on thinking about how important it is to take care for those ordinances, especially for those who never learned about Christ. He had nothing to say and said he would have to study that out and get back to us. After that we had a surprise phone call from the Zone Leaders telling me that we needed to leave to Winnipeg ASAP (the plan was originally that I would leave on Thursday morning) so we had to drop all of our plans for the day. We rushed home and packed, and called and stopped by as many people as I could to say goodbye, and then we drove to Kenora and picked up some of the Elders' luggage there (3 of them were being transferred and had not enough room in the one car to fit all of their stuff) and then drove to Winnipeg. We arrived right in the middle of rush hour, and that city is laid out in the most ridiculous way. There are one ways and 2 way streets and 6 way intersections and it is just a super crazy stupid layout, but we eventually made it to Polo Park and walked around (we literally had nothing else we could do) and had dinner and then went and stayed at the St.james East Elder's apartment that night.

The next day was transfer day so we went to St. James Chapel and said goodbyes to Elder Scott, as he went back to Dryden, and then I was with the St. James East Elder that whole day.

Then on Friday I had to drive one of the vehicles to Regina with Elder Kenney and Elder Natress. Once in Regina, I jumped in another car with Elder McRitchie and we headed back East and ended up in Weyburn, where we had no phones, and waited around until the other Elders came home.

But yeah, all I did was drive multiple cars across Canada those last few days for about 12 hours ((4 hours Dryden to Winnipeg in the Dryden Vehicle (Chevrolet Cruze)
6 hours Winnipeg to Regina in the Meadow Green Vehicle (Chevrolet Malibu)
1 hour 45 minutes Regina to Weyburn in the Estevan Vehicle (Chevrolet Cruze w/ Turbo))

Saturday was pretty good. We went and met a great non-member family and helped them with building some cabinets and had some great food. We then went and taught a couple.

Sunday, apparently there was a blizzard the night before, so no one really came to church except one guy,  an older Couple, and a lady and her daughter. Then two visitors came as well, which was great to have. So I was expecting 40 people but ended up having 5 and then us 4 Elders (Estevan Elders have church in Weyburn because they haven’t started up the branch there yet and have no building) We ran church that day and later had a lesson with G who is a recent convert of 2 years so we had a good lesson with him and then drove out to McTaggart and had a great dinner and gospel discussion with that family.

Today I cleaned the trailer that we live in, and man that place is nasty. The kitchen sink leaks and there's tons of black mold growing underneath the sink. and just tons of garbage everywhere, but it is now clean. Then we went shopping and now I am here writing an e-mail ...

But I love you too! Take care and have a great week!

-Love Elder Shane Dola