Monday, March 10, 2014

March 17

March 17, 2014

Week was pretty good, still no car probably not for 2 or so more weeks! It's nice except it's super wet and muddy! but yeah it's still good! We are still on foot been walking everywhere, super muddy but has dried up a little bit lately! 

This week not too much happened. We got major shin splints from walking a total of over 62 Km this week (I calculated on Google maps our routes 9 KM on Monday 20 KM on Tuesday 5 KM on Wednesday 14 KM on Thursday 6 KM on Friday and 1 KM on Saturday 7 KM on Sunday!!!) which doesn't seem like much but it really is when you're used to driving everywhere so yeah that was fun. We've been super tired all week and it's so bad because our trailer court is almost 4 KM out of town!

But yeah, Monday we walked to Chiropractor, then to the post office, then to the library, then to Wholesale foods and then we carried our groceries all the way home.

Tuesday, we went to D, had a good visit with him, then we got some police record checks done for service for E. Hornberger, then we walked to Tatagwa View, then we walked home, then we walked all the way to Hill Top manor and helped the old people play cards, then we walked all the way home for dinner, and then we walked all the way to Knox hall for our Basketball night. Then fortunately, one of our friends who goes there, gave us a ride home. I don't think we would have made it back otherwise!

Wednesday, we had district meeting and then met the ladies from the "Gospel Services" Church thing at the Welsh kitchen because they wanted to meet us there for lunch but when we got there, it was closed because the plumbing all backed up so we ended up going to KFC and they so kindly bought us lunch unexpectedly and we had a good discussion on our beliefs and their beliefs and why they're missionaries for their whole life and why we are missionaries and what not. Had a good conversation until the topic of the Book of Mormon came out and then the one lady was really interested while the other just started bible-bashing with us and the the lady that was more interested seemed to believe the points that we were making but in the end we just let them know we could sit here all day and do this or you can just read it and pray about it, so the lady that was more interested said that she would do that! Then we left and walked to the Library and worked a bit more on LA information then came home, had dinner, and went to Church of Christ Bible study. We had a good time, people there are super friendly and one lady is going to let us share with her our message. Then we walked all the way home.

Thursday, we almost died. We had a list of tons of people we wanted to stop by and see all around town and didn't want to be going home until the end of the day so we literally walked around all day, but it was very successful. Everyone that we planned to stop by was home and we were able to talk to them and find out more of whether they were interested or not and even set up a few appointments. Then as we were walking back on the verge of total fatigue, we were greeted by one of our LA families, and we were invited in and they got to meet Elder Hornberger and then they drove us home, otherwise it would have been another 4+ KM walk and we were even more exhausted than on Tuesday!

Friday, we weekly planned and went to the Mental health Association and then went to the mall to follow up on some more service referrals. Then we were picked up by Estevan Elders, who came into town because they were watching a wedding on Skype the next morning. They cut my hair and went to a dinner appointment and then President Tiefenbach and his wife picked Elder Hornberger and I up and we went to the Temple and helped do baptisms for the dead. It was super great,  my first time there and first time in a temple for almost a year. Then we came home and Sister L had bought us a bunch of Costco muffins, which was great.

Saturday, we studied and spent most of the rest of the day co-ordinating things with Estevan and other areas out of town. Then we had to study and read the new information we got on our on-line proselyting that we are going to start soon. Then we went to the Relief Society social, where the whole branch was there, and had a super good time. It was potluck and there was all kinds of great foods! Especially all of the Korean foods, was super great.

Sunday, we called G and he said he isn't coming to church, that he and his girlfriend are now looking for the right church for them, so we didn't have any investigators  at church until  J showed up right after the sacrament was administrated. So that was good to at least see her there! Then we had a great potluck dinner (have one every third sunday) so it was super good, probably the best potluck I had ever gone too!! Then we went home and walked to the Gospel Services Church and on our way there we were walking down the street and there were 4 or 5 young adults standing there and they started talking to us and then one guy leans over to his friend and puts his arm around him and says "Do you want to watch me kiss this boy?!?!" to which Elder Hornberger replied "No, not really" and we continued walking and Elder Hornberger stopped to tie his shoe and the guys yelled back at us and so we turned around and he dropped his pants and full on mooned us in the middle of the street! It was quite hilarious nevertheless. But we got to the service and sang more songs to the same melody of our hymns and it was a pretty good service. As it was done I was thinking if us being there was really worth our time and just as we were leaving a lady stopped us who we had talked to last week and asked us to come by her house sometime, which was a miracle! Then when we were walking back down the street, this lady in a truck pulled over and shared with us how she was a Less-active member and was baptized 3-4 years ago and has been in Weyburn the last 1.5 years and wanted to come back to church but she couldn't find any information and just happened to see us as we were walking home which was another miracle! Was super good way to finish our day off.

Today we walked to the Library and then to the Mental Health Association and went Bowling with them and now we are back e-mailing!

But thanks so much you take care! Love you! 

-Love Elder Shane Dola