Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31

Monday we had P-day and while e-mailing at the library we were asked if we could help sort some books for a big book sale that they were doing here so we went and helped with that which is good! It at least shows that people are still aware that we are here and that they can turn to us for help.

Tuesday we walked to D's home and had a good meeting with him and were able to give him a priesthood blessing, We then walked down to the newspaper office to try and see why they hadn't published our newspaper article, but the lady wasn't there so we went on and contacted a few former investigators and a referral that D just gave us and knocked a few other doors but no luck contacting anyone. We then went back to the newspaper office and she apologized and set up a new appointment for us to be interviewed. We then walked up to the church and were there for a while before we walked over to hill top manor and helped the old people play their card-bingo game again. Then we went home and had dinner and then tried stopping by some other formers in town and one told us to come back later, that she might be interested, just needed to talk with her grandpa. 

Wednesday we had district meeting and then Elder McGregor headed back to Estevan to go on an exchange. We got there and went to the Humane Society and I said I would go only if they didn't make us scoop poop. So we got there and they had us clean up garbage in the front yard and then the backyard where they had the dog run, which was good because there was no poop involved but then the worker guy comes out with a huge grin on his face, and hands us these pooper scoopers and we ended up cleaning up like 30 pounds of dog poop, so that was disgusting and I was not too impressed. Then we helped by playing with a few cats and there were some kittens that looked like Gremlins. Then we went and had a dinner appointment with Sister L, which was good. Then we went and tried to contact some other less-active and former investigators but no one was home, even though they all had their lights on, so we came home.

Thursday was a really good day. We went and visited with a less-active member in Estevan who is from the Philippines who really wants to be able to come to church but just can't because he is working to get his permanent residence here in Canada and if he misses or doesn't keep his work contract he gets deported back home. He's a super great guy was great to meet him. Then we left Estevan and travelled out an hour and a half to Carievale and I got to meet the newest investigators in our District. They are super great people. He works on the Rigs and the last kind of guy you would expect to see from working there. They were originally contacted because they requested a bible from the website and so the week previous Elder Dillon and McGregor went down to give them the Bible, but he was super open and had them for lunch and they taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon, and they said that they wanted to read it even before the Elders could invite them too. Was super great. Then I got to meet them and he is super nice, felt like we were best friends even though we had just barely met. She is just as nice too and is super new to religion and just started getting into it since she met him (hence why they wanted a copy of the Bible) But anyway they cooked us a great pork-chop,rice, and fries dinner with carrot cake, and then we had a super good lesson with them. It was probably like no other lesson I had taught before because we covered so many different things in a strange order (We started the lesson and they told us how they had been reading the book of Mormon together and to their kids and that they had watched both Finding Faith in Christ and The Restoration DVD's and we led into just doing a quick overview on the restoration but that wasn't really necessary because they had already understood all of it, we then started talking about temples and all that goes on in there, then we lead into the Plan of Salvation which went super well and we touched on our life on Earth and The Gospel of Jesus Christ and  lead to the invitation to be baptised!) But they were super receptive and really interested the whole time, nothing could distract them and most importantly the spirit was super strong! and when were talking about baptism she was super excited and expressed how she hadn't been baptised, and we invited both to be baptised and they accepted. It was super great, never had seen anyone so prepared than these two people were. Afterwards we had told them that we would play Street Hockey with them and their kids and we were playing a card game for a bit so that the one daughter could have a bit longer of a nap and out of nowhere he started asking more questions like "What do you guys expect of us" and other things which lead into more gospel conversations which was super good. After that we played Street Hockey with them and their kids and a bunch of other local kids showed up and played for a while which was super fun. As we were leaving he told us the next time we came back that we should brings some members of our church, because he wanted to get to know some more Mormons. Like I said he is the most prepared person I have met on my mission. After that we travelled back to Estevan and  had a quick dinner before we had a coordination meeting with Brother Johnson.

Friday we got up and went to the Hospital and had the old people play instruments again, even though only 3 or 4 of them really had any idea what was going on. This one lady in a wheelchair was shaking Elder McGregor's hand and then pulled herself in towards him and was trying to get him to kiss him, so that freaked him out a bit and was pretty funny. After that we came back to Weyburn and had lunch and then finished our Exchange and Elder Hornberger and I had our interview at the newspaper and we will have our article published this Friday hopefully. We got a few texts later on telling us that they heard Elder Hornberger and I on the radio which was pretty exciting to hear, hopefully something will come up because of that. Link to the article.

Then we had our quarterly interviews with President Thomas and had dinner and then Elder Hornberger and I went and helped out at the senior Center Drop off Center by helping clean up their huge dinner that they had. Then we met G at KFC, where he was with the other Elders because he was having a tough time, but we were able to help him through and he said he could feel with our presence the spirit lift him up and he felt a lot better.

Saturday we all went out to the A's kids birthday party and got to eat a ton of food and meet all of their friends and got to meet Sister A's Parents who just arrived in Canada from the Philippines the night previous. They didn't know much English and were super jet-lagged but we were able to meet them and hopefully we will be able to teach them (that is the goal that the A's have) Later Elder Dillon and I visited G and helped him out with a few other things.

Sunday we went to Church and had a great fast and testimony meeting and G came and bore his testimony and also S was there as well so that was great to see that she came out and seemed to have a good time. Later we went to the Gospel services and that was more interesting then the previous times. The preacher ladies kept making subtle attacks in their sermons towards us so that was kind of funny. Afterwards we met and were able to  fellowship with a bunch of the congregation there and gave the one preacher lady the first few Books of the Book of Mormon on CD so that she could listen to them because she has a hard time reading and she accepted happily (she had requested them) then we had a great dinner appointment at the Regnier's home which was even better because Brother Regniers non-member mother was there and we later shared a message with their whole family. We left shortly after and came home, stopped by a couple the other Elders had met the other day, and gave a few pamphlets and a copy of the Book of Mormon to them.

But I love you and hope that you have a good week, and will continue to pray that your back continues to get better! Take care love you.

-Love Elder Shane Dola

P.S. Please thank grandma and grandpa Schultz for the cards and packages they continually send me, They are greatly appreciated, tell them I love them! Thanks!

Really packing on the pounds lately!

Gremlin kitty at Humane Society in Estevan.