Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7

Our week was not too bad, we did get to watch all of conference, which was really good, and yes it is warming up pretty good. It was 15 degrees on Saturday after we left the church from the morning session. No we have not received our car back yet, it is fixed and we will get it back on Tuesday! Not too else is new really.

Monday was P-day so we prepared for the week and then had an appointment, which unfortunately fell through.

Tuesday we walked to D's home and shared a message with him and focused on Alma 13. Following that we made our way back home and stopped by the Salvation Army before getting home and eating. After that we made the trek up to Hill Top Manor and helped the old people play cards. Then we walked home and phoned a few people looking for some ways to volunteer in the community building a house, which should be fun to get involved with. We got home and had dinner and then we embarked back into town and stopped by a referral but he wasn't home, only his daughter was so we continued on to contact a former investigator to set up an appointment with her and then we heard of the great experience that Elder Dillon and Elder McGregor had with C by answering his prayer that the Book of Mormon was true. It was probably the most spiritual experience I heard of and experienced on my mission so that was really powerful. We then walked home only to see that the lights were on and that the carport and the door to the trailer were wide open. Looked like someone had broken in so we went in and the whole place was torn apart, completely thrashed with stuff everywhere, it looked like someone ransacked the place. Then we went back and the bedroom and the bathroom were the same. But then we found Elder McGregor and Dillon in the back room. They played an April Fools joke on us which was actually pretty good.

Wednesday we went to the church and had our Zone Training Meeting over Skype, which was pretty good. Then we went for lunch and started our exchanges and Elder Dillon and I were left to walk around town all day and then we went to basketball, which was pretty good and J gave us a ride home. He’s a super great guy, just hope one day he will soften his heart towards the gospel.

Thursday we walked into town again and did some things on and stopped by a few others. We were on our way back when we met this man named who we started talking to and as we walked back he invited us into his shack and he made us each eat 2 full cans of Campbell's Chunky soup and like half a loaf of bread each. We eventually escaped and ran into G while we continued on home, and helped him out a bit as he is really going through a hard time still.

Friday we completed our exchanges and everything else fell through but we were blessed to be invited to the Morrissette's for dinner and had KFC, which was good, and we got to share a message with them.

Saturday we were busy all day with Conference, which was super good and we tried to get everyone there that we could.

Sunday we watched conference again and had a really long discussion with G following conference. We got invited out to the Regnier's for dinner and Brother Morrissette took us there and back, which was nice of him. Later that night I got a call from Elder Elliott telling me that J was going to be making his way through Weyburn this week and that he has been going through a hard time with some things and wants to stop and meet with us here, so that was pretty exciting. Also we got the news that our car is fixed so we will be able to go and pick it up on Tuesday. So we had a pretty good weekend with some really good conference addresses.

Today we studied and now are e-mailing.

But it's good to hear from you again. I love you. You take care.

-Love Elder Shane Dola