Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14

Well transfer calls were this week and I have been released from being exiled to the Weyburn Trailer. It has been all right but I will have finally escaped!

This week on Monday A called us and told us about this experience he had while he was at his deceased father's place cleaning up and getting it ready to sell. He told us how the whole time he felt the presence of his father and that it was really calming. He said that where he was at there was no cell service and that he had just left his phone in the Truck when he looked at it next, a few hours later, his dads number who he hadn't called for almost a year showed up and right underneath it was our number who he hadn't called for over 3 months (we communicate mostly through text). He said it was the weirdest thing, That it was not possible that anyone could have input that into his phone and is still trying to figure our what it means and said he is having progress. 

Tuesday we visited D and then Estevan Elders drove us to Moose Jaw and we finally got our car back, which we hadn't had for exactly a month. That was great then we got back and had a good basketball night. We had 11 people show up.

Wednesday we had our district meeting and the Zone Leaders were there and then we helped G's friend clean up her place and helped out by cleaning up a garage sale ran by "The family place." Then we had dinner and went to the "Church of Christ Bible Study."

Thursday we got transfer calls I'm heading even closer to home.

Friday we stopped by a few places for service and J came into town and bought us lunch and we had a good meeting with him before he headed back to Ontario. We then weekly planned and went to HTM then we helped B and H take apart their truck so they can continue to paint it pink. Then we saw G again and he was doing pretty rough. He had been off his meds for a few days and his Schizophrenia was hitting him pretty hard and he asked for a priesthood blessing and afterwards called us that night saying that he felt as if though his Schizophrenia had almost been healed. He felt better that he had in a very long time which was pretty neat experience.

Saturday we helped the Salvation Army with their Trade show for quite a while then helped the old people play bingo at Tatagwa View then took down the Salvation Army thing. Then we met with K and C and S at McDonald's. They got us dinner and we had a bit of a discussion on what happened the other day with his dad and what not, then we stopped by a few referrals.

Sunday we had Church and A came for the first time in like 4 months which was great to see! The talks were on Eternal marriage and that is what she needed to hear. She said she enjoyed it quite a lot. Later we stopped by a referral and saw G. Then had lunch at 2:00 with the A's and Brother Morrissette and shared a message with them and sister A's mother who is not a member who just got here from the Philippines. Then we went and tracted a bit and contacted the rest of the Former investigators then we went out to the Regnier's and had dinner with them and brother Morrissette and shared a message then came back.

Today we visited with P at A&W and had a good discussion and then we went to Welsh Kitchen and visited with P and D. Then we went and took the Cruze into the shop because all Cruze 2013 have a recall on them because apparently the front axle could just snap in half at any time. It has a hairline fracture but it is all good for now, at least they say, still will have to order in the new parts and now we are e-mailing.

Take care.  Love Elder Shane Dola