Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28

My week was pretty good! Was pretty hectic but good, I'm very settled in, it is good here except we live in an apartment with almost all Indian people (People from India) and so they make really nasty smelling food which leaks into our apartment so sometimes we come home and find it smelling like rotten fish and sometimes it smells like B.O. mixed with rotten fish or curry or tacos. It's pretty gross but I can't complain. I just got word that right when I left they made some major changes to the trailer in  Weyburn so I am happy for the Elders living there! 

There are 18 missionaries in Regina and four out in Yorkton and Melville (that's our Zone) 

This week was pretty crazy. I don't have too much time or too many things to tell. Basically we spent a lot of the week planning out the coming transfer and had to take care of some other things and make sure that things start running smoothly and back to normal now that everyone is back in their areas. Some things were left behind here in Regina and we had to get everything back to places all around the mission.

Monday was P-day and we helped some members move a fridge and other kitchen appliances and had a lunch appointment and dinner appointment.

Tuesday we had district meeting and met with the Stake President and had lunch with him and discussed some stake business and other things pertaining to us going out onto some reserves and had dinner with The Burgess' who is in the temple presidency, and then met with a less-active member.

Wednesday we went to some of the other district meetings and sent some stuff off in the mail, visited with C, had dinner with the H family and home taught them, met the S's, one of our home teaching families. (in our ward the recent initiative is for members to have only one home teaching family so they can focus more on the one family so the missionaries are the home teachers for the active families so we have 7 Home teaching families).

Thursday we focused a lot on prospective Elders and other things and Sister C and Dr C took us out to dinner.

Friday we planned for the transfer and for our week and met with R and a few other people.

Saturday we had a pancake breakfast put on by the ward mission leader who we helped out and were able to bring quite a few people out to that. We contacted some referrals and other Less Active members and had dinner and went on Facebook.

Sunday we had church and C and C came, which was good. We saw a few other people, gave a priesthood blessing, and stopped by some more LA and prospective Elders and had an appointment with the Spanish speaking guys but that fell through. We had dinner with the Stake President and went to another of our home teaching families.

I got the package with the cookies from Grandma and Grandpa last night! Tell them thanks and that I love them! You are right, I don't think that there would be much point to freezing them...

Some missionaries burn ties on their 6 month mark, some burn shirts on their year mark, some burn a pair of pants on their 18 month mark and then some burn an entire suit on their 2 year mark. But I don't think I will do any of that because I personally think that it is stupid to do that, and also as you know I am super stingy and cheap so I don't know if I could bring myself do do that....

For my year mark I just happen to be going out for lunch with Ali'i Lafontaine so I guess that is what I will do for my anniversary!?

But I love you you take care and take it easy!

-Love Elder Shane Dola