Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24

This week wasn't all too exciting or much better but I guess it could be worse!

Monday was our P-day so we e-mailed a bit and then went bowling with the Canadian Mental Health Association then e-mailed some more and then went and got our groceries and thankfully we were able to get a ride home from the members; that was a blessing. We tried to stop by a few other people that night but that didn't turn out so well.

Tuesday, we walked to our appointment with D and had a good meeting with him, and stopped by a service referral at the senior centre so we will be able to help them clean up one of their events on Thursday. Then we went to the post office to pick up the package, because I remember Dad asking if there was a subway in town so I was thinking there probably was a Subway Gift Card in there. When we got to the post office I was excited until I gave the sheet to the lady at the desk and she said "Oh good, I sure hope this is that huge parcel!" then she came back and plopped this huge package that weighed like 40 lbs down, and at that point I realized that that was not going to fit in my backpack, but nevertheless we didn't really have any other choice than to take it, and so we walked down the street carrying the huge box, probably looking super ridiculous! But we got to Subway and that was good but after that I had to carry it all the way to the library! But we got there and did some research on some more service opportunities and then thankfully Brother Regnier picked us up to take us to our appointment that we had with a Less active lady. Which unfortunately she cancelled on us and said she had been thinking a lot since we saw her the last week before and wasn't interested any more, so we all left her with our testimonies and Brother Regnier said he was going to try getting back to her later on which will be good! We then went to Hill-top manor and helped them play Bingo with their cards again. Then we walked home and had dinner and walked back into town a bit and talked with people on the streets and stopped by a few former investigators and tracted a few houses with no success. However when we were walking back Elder Hornberger stepped on what appeared to be solid ice, which was not, and fell through into a huge hole up to his shins, so that was pretty hilarious as his shoe filled with water.

Wednesday, we had district meeting and washed our dishes at the church and then we had lunch and then walked around town talking to some people and followed up with a few more service referrals from a few other people. It didn't really turn out too well but then we went to the radio station and they, out of nowhere, just did an interview of us and took a picture to make an article for us for their website or newspaper, I am presuming, but that was good. We also ran into another Less Active lady who works there that we have been trying to contact for quite a while, then walked home and had a quick dinner and made some phone calls, then walked back and had a good basketball night following by having to walk home and being exhausted. 

Thursday, we had an appointment at A&W again, which went pretty good. Then we went to the Welsh Kitchen and had a good Roast Beef dinner and were able to set an appointment up with Sister J and talk to a few other people. Then we stopped by a few other service referrals and they all took our number but other than that, we had not too much other success. But yeah, after that we came home and tried contacting a few other people who all told us to leave them alone.

Friday, we tried helping out at Tatagwa view but there wasn't really anything that we could do to help so we left and did a few things at the Library on because it was freezing. It was like -30 with the wind chill coming out of nowhere! Later we got to visit with K and C, even though they don't want us to try to teach them any more, they still want to be friends and wanted to meet Elder Hornberger. Then we got a ride home thankfully and out of nowhere Brother Morrissette phoned us and invited us over for Chinese food at his house in Celebration that Dakota (One of the members who is boarding at his house) got his mission call to Peru! So we did that and helped them with their Book of Mormon reading challenge and then they took us home.

Saturday, we weekly planned and had a good long missionary coordination with brother Regnier and discussed a lot of people and just trying to figure out more of what we can even do any more. We did some investigating to try and figure out some information about people on the membership records. But after that we came home, after washing our dishes at the church again, and then had dinner, and then the Estevan Elder's came and luckily we were able to take their car and visited P and A.

Sunday, we had church, which was good. We had High Council from Regina come and gave some good talks. Unfortunately, no Less Actives or Investigators came out but after that we went to the Regnier's for dinner, and that was great. We shared with them more how to make profiles and how they can use it more effectively in their own missionary efforts, and came home and tried to set appointments but just ended up in more people being busy or telling us to leave them alone, so not too much else happened that day. 

But I love you too! I hope that you have a great week and take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola

Beautiful view's of the good ol' trailer park that I have when looking out the only two windows in our trailer that actually are not boarded up!