Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14

Not too much happened this week:
Monday we had p-day and I found a $300 side bag so I bought it is really nice and part of it is made out of genuine leather, so yeah it was great because I found it at Marshalls and it was only 59.99 so I saved a lot of money on that! After that we had dinner with the C's and helped a family in our ward move and then played basketball with the YSA had a few non-members come out which was good.

Tuesday we had district meeting. After that we helped that same family take another load of stuff to their new house. Then I don’t remember what happened but I know we were busy.

Wednesday we had another district meeting, saw a few other people, and went out to Sedley and helped brother S take a few loads of garbage out to the local dump. Then we came back into town and transfer people started coming in so we sent them all off to their billets and then we realized that Elder Petersen left the phone way out in Sedley and that was when we needed it the most, but we managed to get everything sorted out.

Thursday we got up bright and early, at 4:40, to make sure we were at the church before everyone arrived at 5:30 only to get there and everyone was already there and had arrived at like 4:40. They thought they were supposed to be there at 5:00 but no one could get a hold of us because we didn’t have our phone! So some people were a little upset but I thought it was kind of funny and they got over it! :) After that we spent the day in a tripanionship with Elder Long and just went about our day and helped brother K take some trees to the dump and were busy the rest of the day.

Friday we got up and had more missionaries come in from the second wave of transfers and then even more around 1:30 so we sent them off and had to go up to Saskatoon to take luggage up there, so that was inconvenient but we had to do it!
Saturday we helped doctor C weed his jungle and were busy sorting our other things for the upcoming transfer and had a few good appointments. H took down his inappropriate Anime pictures after he prayed and X has been doing really well too! His whole countenance has changed and he is just over all happier! Met some new people later on.

Sunday I decided I should probably write my talk. Then we had breakfast and a coordination meeting with our ward mission leader at his house and then went to church, gave our talks, and visited C, who is doing great! We had a dinner appointment with some great members from Edmonton, stopped by a few others, took indicators and that was our week.

This week after transfers is hopefully going to be a lot better. We have some great service opportunities and 9 baptisms scheduled
in my Zone this month so that is great!

Love you very much, you take care and have a great week!

-Love Elder Shane Dola