Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21

This week was pretty hectic and we did tons of service! We also drove over 1000K's this week. We didn't get too much missionary work done, which was too bad, but we were able to do a lot of service and we had a lot of fun!

Monday we had our P-day and taught a lesson to B with President Burgess of the Temple presidency who used to be of the same faith that B is. That was a super great lesson and President Burgess was great fellowship he basically just taught the whole thing! Was super spiritual lesson and experience as we were also able to give a church tour! Later that night we went over to Brother Crebas' and he bought us Pizza and then we took him out with us to some teaching appointments which fell through, so he took us and bought us icecream at Milky Way which was super good.

Tuesday we had district meeting and had to plan for the new transfer and made a transfer calendar and sorted out a lot of Former investigators to visit, had dinner and then we stopped by a ton of them and tracted for a while.

Wednesday we were on exchanges and Elder Wallace and I were able to help out Brother S take a new stove back to his home in Sedley then he gave us money to go to A&W, which was great. We did our online proselyting which sucks... then we visited C and had a good discussion with him and he is doing great! Then had a really good dinner with Ali'i Lafontaine and a ton of his family. Following that we had to go to the orientation for the North American Indigenous Games which was bore-some and took up the rest of our night

Thursday we went on exchanges again and started our day doing more service for Ranch Ehrlo Society and we were able to go and help do some yard work for some less fortunate low income homes. Then we did online and then we stopped by a referral for a former Saskatchewan Rough Rider  but he doesn't live there anymore so we will have to find him elsewhere. We then visited E, who has been less active for over 20 years. But we had a really good experience with him. I was able to get through to him and help him see the importance of Church and the spirit was so strong. He really appreciated that. It was really good. Following that we had dinner with the K’s, which was really good, and then we stopped by the hospital and experienced something I never want to again. Then we visited a few other people, came home, did some 12 week training, then we exchanged back.

Friday we went over and destroyed Brother Salahubs shed and then we spent the rest of the day driving to Swift Current picking up furniture from an apartment that was closed and loaded it in our truck very well. We drove back, unloaded it,  and that took all of our day. 

Saturday was super great. We got the privilege to go to Carry the Kettle First Nation and helped the members and Senior Couple there put on a breakfast for the community since it was the POW WOW. Last year they had about 60 people and this year we had over 165 people. It was a great success. We got to meet tons of great people and had a good time. Then we went and Elder Bruns gave us a tour of the reserve and showed us where we might be living if we get to open up the area. Then we went to the Pow Wow, which was super neat. It was a really fun time, and we got to meet tons of members and non members and had some really great conversations with tons of people out there and got to enjoy some good Bannock burgers and other food. Then we came back into town. I had a huge headache.

Sunday we had church and B told us the church wasn't for him but we still had a good sacrament meeting and received a new investigator who came to all three hours and is super solid. We are going to meet with him today hopefully. Then we had lunch and visited tons of people the rest of the day. We received a new investigator named M from Croatia, which was super good. He investigated the church previously and really wants to come to church. Then we took indicators and that was it.

This week is also going to be super busy as we have the North American Indigenous Games all week and also, we might be volunteering at the Rough Riders Game this Friday, so it's going to be another long week!

But it sounds like you had a pretty good week! I love you, take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola

Now that's pretty close to home!