Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7

This week was not too eventful:

Monday we had P-day and had to plan for our Zone Training Meeting.
Tuesday was Canada Day. We went to the Stake activity and played softball and then spent the rest of the day stopping by prospective Elders and some of our other investigators and then went down to the Wascana Park where the big Canada Day celebration was and walked around and talked with a few people!
Wednesday we gave our Zone Training Meeting, which was good, went for lunch as a Zone and taught a few lessons. We visited C and taught him about temples, then we exchanged with Sunrise Elders.
Thursday we had almost everything planned fall through but still managed to stay pretty busy.
Friday we got stabbed and gave blood at the donor clinic then weekly planned and did our online proselyting and stopped by a bunch of referrals and others.
Saturday we had our missionary correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and had lunch at his house and then we talked with a few people and then went to a lesson with J at the Church and he didn't show up.  C, a less active who I had met in Brandon and who Elder Petersen had met in Winnipeg on a bus, was hitch hiking his way back to Vancouver and needed some assistance so we were able to share a message with him and through lots of trial and phone calls we were able to get him a bus ticket to Vancouver. After that we went and had dinner and taught H. X was sleeping but H had another of his Chinese friends over who had no religious background there and we were able to teach him about God and Prayer.
Sunday no one came to church that we had invited which is always sad, and even more upsetting was that we got a text from one of our new investigators who had never been at church before. He said that he was 15 minutes late to church and that the doors to the chapel were closed and as he went to open them some guy in the foyer told him he was late and that he couldn't go in so he that was no good. We later found out why J didn't come to the church was because his mom's sister had a heart attack in the Hospital, so we had the opportunity after church to go and give F's sister a priesthood blessing and her brother in law a blessing as well and neither of them were members. We also were able to teach J his last lesson and he is now ready to be baptized next weekend. We then were able to pray with all of F and J's family and the other family that were waiting in the waiting room who we didn't know! IT was a great blessing to be able to serve and help those who were in need. Also were able to contact 40 referrals that were given to us by a man who served in Regina in 1998. We called all of the numbers and only 2 out of forty were actually the right number and one was not interested and the other was dead. But, after that, we had a great Filipino dinner at the Cardonas and then we took indicators.

Love you! Hope that you have a great week! :)

-Love Elder Shane Dola

Some guys who wanted to take a selfie with us on Canada Day!