Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16

Hey mom and Dad,

Sorry I didn't write yesterday I was really busy getting ready to go and other things with transfers being today!

Hey this week was really good. It was really warm all week like +5 then this weekend it really dropped to -10 and today it is -17.. and snowed a tiny bit lately.

I am being transferred I am going to Carry the Kettle and will probably be living out the rest of my mission out there on the Reserve! 

Zone Conference was great at the end we watched Meet the Mormons!

This week:
 Monday was P-day and went to sister Z's
Tuesday was Zone Conference all day long
Wednesday we got back into the swing of things and saw Derek
Thursday was transfer calls 
Friday weekly planning and other stuff
Saturday was ward party and bon-fire
Sunday was Church and eating all day long
Monday we went out to the Boonies and to say bye to other people

Love you both you take care!