Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1

December 1, 2014

This week:

Monday we had P-day and got a call to help Brother D bring some shelves into Sister H's home then we went over to Brother D's and had dinner and did an evaluation with him on the lesson that he came with us to on Thursday. Then we did some online work

Tuesday we contacted a lot of people and visited B at his store and then we had lunch did some online work and worked on contacting a lot of the less-active families in our ward, had dinner and stopped by a former investigator. Then had dinner with B and we went and started working on his garage door that almost fell off.

Wednesday we had District Meeting and then went to a healthy place for lunch and had Whopper Wednesday. Then did our online work and went to the Church and helped Brother  C set up some chairs for the funeral the next day. Then we went over and had a discussion with Brother L and went over our lesson we were about to teach to D. Then we went over to D with Brother L and taught about the power of Prayer. It went really well and D has been progressing and committed to pray about a baptismal date. Then after that we went and met a less-active part member family and had a good introduction to them, they were really nice and said we are always welcome. So we will see what we can do there! Then we went over to B's and finished fixing his Garage door

Thursday we had a Zone Training Meeting on the Church's new Christmas initiative. #ShareTheGift. You should look it up if you haven't already. The Church is putting a lot of time and money into what should be the biggest Christmas Initiative ever. They are expecting over 220,000,000 will view the website and watch the video. The Church has purchased the rights to have it advertised on the front page of YouTube from December 7 through the beginning of January and have the largest Billboard in Times-square NYC all Christmas season long too. Check it out at! Then after that we went to the Forks and met with C again and taught him about the power of prayer and what he needs to do to receive a witness that what we are sharing is true. After that we went to the funeral and helped fold and handout the programs. Sat in at the Funeral and then we helped set up tables and chairs for the refreshments afterwards, then we left and tried contacting some more Less Active Families. Then we had an "American Thanksgiving" Dinner at the L's home with all the missionaries in our ward minus Steinbach missionaries.

Friday was super great because we did one of my new favorite hobbies! We donated Blood! Everyone in my District came even thought none of them really wanted too I kind of coerced them into coming and not one of them even passed out (Elder Spell got really dizzy and almost did but he didn't actually so no worries) There was an older man there though and he was at the refreshment stand and his arm just started leaking and spurting from his puncture wound. But no worries they contained it and he was fine. Then we had lunch and did our online. Weekly planned and walked around and passed out a bunch of #ShareTheGift pass-along cards and then came home had dinner and went to Basketball

Saturday we went to a SDA Bible Study and then Church service and then Potluck dinner. That was good we met some more really nice people and gave out some more pass-along cards to them...Then we stopped by B and he had to reschedule our appointment but we were able to help him out by shoveling his driveway. Then we went to the baptism that Steinbach had and then we went out to Brother H's place and had another "American Thanksgiving" dinner which was really good and that took up the rest of our night.

Sunday was good had missionary correlation and then stopped by B but he decided he wasn't coming to Church so we went and shoveled sister F's walkways and went to Church and D came to Sacrament meeting again and seemed to really enjoy it. Then second hour was all focused on missionary work and that was good and then we had a really good Gospel Principles Class. Then we came home had lunch did our online and made some invitations for the nativity to hand out to some people, then we went and handed some out and had dinner at sister Z's. Went to the CWM fireside and Pastor D of the SDA Church came with us and seemed to really like it, so that was good and that was our night, took indicators and K's

Today was P-day we went across town and had a joint P-day activity at Dalhousie Chapel and then we came home showered had lunch shopped and now e-mailing

-Love Elder Shane Dola