Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24

Monday we had p-day then we worked on Less-active stuff.

Tuesday we visited Bro D and briefed him on what we were going to do in our lesson which we were going to bring him with us to on Thursday. Then we saw sister C and went over a list with her, had lunch, and did online work. Then we saw Bro S, then we went and B had us over for KFC and we watched the Testaments with him.

Wednesday we had district meeting,had lunch, then we did online work, then we helped bro P go to his Chiropractor appointment. Stopped by some LA members and then we had a meal with J and X and tried to teach her a lesson.

Thursday we took Bro P to the hospital, then we went with the sisters and gave a less active member a blessing. Then we met brother D at the Forks and taught the restoration to B's friend C. That didn't quite go as planned but fortunately it turned out okay in the end. Then we had lunch and did online. Then we tried to contact our lost investigators but have not had any success. Then we went and taught a very powerful lesson to D on the plan of salvation where he expressed that many of his questions were answered and it was really good because Brother G came out with us. Then we came home, had dinner, and went over some more less-active stuff.

Friday we weekly planned and had lunch, did online work, looked for some service opportunities in the city, and then we had 3 member appointments the rest of the night.

Saturday we helped Brother P go to the hospital again and as far as I know he is still there. Then we went and helped Brother H all day with some more tree cutting down and clean-up then we finished assembling our LA list and had FHE with B and watched the Saratov Approach. Good movie.

Sunday we had missionary correlation. Went to wake up and help B get ready for church but he was gone... had church and it was the primary presentation which was good and D came again. After Church we gave a youth fireside on service to all the Youth and that went well. Then we went over to sister G and she fed us a really good dinner and then we went and helped B move some things from across town to his place. Then we visited with J and X except it was just X because J had to leave.

Today was p-day.
I love you mom I hope you have a great week! Take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola