Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27

This week was rather interesting. Gave a lot of Priesthood blessings.

Monday we had our P-day and then we met with X and J and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ which was going pretty good until we explained receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by those who hold the proper Priesthood authority. She got really mad because she knew that it was only men who hold the priesthood. So that lesson went completely down hill.

Tuesday we weekly planned, had lunch, did our online work, and raked some leaves for some people, stopped by a few members, did some street contacting to no avail. Had dinner and stopped by some former investigators and had a pretty good success, hopefully will be working with them soon, Then we went to Bishop Gatz's home, had a really good visit with him and his family and had a good lesson and some good dessert!

Wednesday we had our district meeting, had district lunch and had to stay at the church and watch it for a while because they were doing voting in the gym for the election here in Winnipeg. After that, we did our online work and tried to find more people to teach the rest of the day, and then had our appointment cancelled that night, and started our exchanges. 

Thursday, while on exchanges Elder P and I cleansed his apartment of their nasty futon mattress and threw it out the 6 story window. Then we did our online work, had lunch, and jumped on a bus and went down town and walked down Portage Ave...We ran into some of the most down-trodden people I have ever seen, and some people who I am pretty sure were on some pretty serious drugs! I really can tell why Winnipeg has such a bad name after walking there for a while! But nonetheless, it was very fun. We ran into a man who chose to be homeless to follow the way that Christ lived and he had met missionaries before, he invited us to the church for the Homeless that is in Winnipeg. While talking with him we got interrupted by a lady who gave us some pamphlets and warned us that God is an angry, killing, punishing God etc etc and that the bible was a warning for us to follow. So met them and ventured into some of the Winnipeg Tunnels and then back out and talked with quite a few people and weren't able to set any appointments but we gave out a lot of pass-along cards, all of the ones we had actually. We were looking for the Jehovah Witnesses because they usually have some of their members on the street and have stands and we were going to go and meet them and see if we could get some ideas about maybe doing the same thing downtown but we never found them but we made a random turn and ended up in China Town and ran into a girl who called us over and told us she was baptized when she was 12 and was just thinking about coming back to church and then she saw us! Then we were heading back to a bus stop and ran across a Church of Scientology and stopped by and that was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced... they gave us a free personality test and told us how to better ourselves through there Dianetics and other interesting stuff then we gave them some pass-along cards and shared some of our beliefs with them. Then we were heading back to a bus stop and a guy while walking piped in "YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF" and kept on walking. Then when we got on the bus, a creepy lady stared straight at me for like 5 minutes for no reason. Then we got home, had dinner, and walked and I met M, the new investigator who is Muslim and a very nice man.

Friday we weekly planned and had lunch, had our appointment cancelled, and then we saw sister Z and C and set up some appointments to see them. Contacted some more LA members and tracted out a whole neighborhood, had dinner, had our other appointment cancelled, went to basketball and one of the kids we met tracting came and it was a really good night. 

Saturday we went out and helped Brother Heieie do all kinds of stuff around his yard and his house preparing for winter and went to a corn maze and petting zoo with their family, and ate pizza.

Sunday we had missionary correlation and Church and M came, looking really classy in a white suit and pin-stripped shirt. We gave the sacrament to Bro L in his home and gave him a blessing. We had the rest of church, did our online, had our appointment cancelled. Then we ended up helping Sister L clean out water from her basement, had a dry shredded wheat patty for dinner, and then we went to the mission fireside.

But I love you, you take care! Talk to you later!

-Love Elder Shane Dola

All the food in our cupboard!