Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10

Monday had p-day and stopped by a few others

Tuesday we had a Zone Training meeting and went for lunch then were busy the rest of the day and visited with brother L and had a good discussion with him

Wednesday we visited with J and X in the morning and then told on the high school kids to their principal for trashing the church parking lot then we went for lunch at Mongo's Grill and I got my lunch for free because it was my Birthday. So did Elder Spell because one of the cooks accidentally threw an egg at him and Elder Pestridge  got his for free too because they found a giant hair in his while they were cooking it. So it wasn't even that special because other people got free meals too! But that was good then we went and helped a member's friend clean out her house as she just had everything thrown into her apartment from her friend who just died. That was good. we explained to her what we did as missionaries and ended up taking a car load of dishes with us then we went and had dinner with the L family and taught a lesson then I had to do a baptismal interview for the sisters baptismal candidate. Then we went with the sisters and Zone leaders and had a turnover lesson to the sisters from the Zone Leaders.

Thursday we got together with our district and washed the dishes at the church for 2 hours, then we had our studies, did online, and gave M her dishes back.  Ee ended up teaching her a bit of the plan of salvation and were able to make her a new investigator then right after we went and visited D, who we have been contacting for quite a while and we taught him a bit of the plan of salvation and made him a new investigator too! Then we went and dropped some stuff off at VV-boutique and then helped sister C make sandwiches for the homeless the rest of the night. And we walked around looking for people to teach.

Friday we did our online and got water for the P's and then we went to the library and weekly planned. Then we stopped by a few people and had dinner with Sister Z and C and they bought all of the missionaries in our district Christmas trees for our apartments! Then we went to basketball night.

Saturday we did our online work, got transfer calls and I am staying in Winnipeg another transfer. We went out and had a lunch appointment with the H's and helped him do some things around his house and yard still preparing for the winter. Then we came back, showered, ate dinner, and then we went to the baptism, and cleaned up, and that was our night. 

Sunday we had missionary correlation church, which was good. We got 8 of our Less-Actives we have been working with attend church. Then we had lunch and a correlation meeting as a district for the list of all members and part-member families and Prospective elders and unbaptized children of record. Then we did our online work and had a dinner appointment with J and X.