Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17

This week Monday we had p-day and then we went to J and X home and sister F came over and we ate a ton of food and shared a message seeing as it was going to be Elder Ruth's last time there they made a ton of food and made sure that we gorged ourselves.

Tuesday we helped rake the L's leaves and had interviews with President Thomas and then we went and helped Brother H cut down some trees at his office. One fell on Elder Ruth but he was fine. Then we had dinner with the C family visited the G family and then visited B one last time before Elder Ruth left.

Wednesday was district meeting and I had Elder Ruth do the training portion which was really good, then we went for lunch and met up with one of Elder Ruth's friends he knew in Kenora who wanted to say bye before Elder Ruth Headed back to Saskatchewan. That took forever and was on the other side of the city so we went there and came home then we had an appointment with the T family. Then we went and had dinner with the L family. 

Thursday Elder Ruth got the rest of his affairs in order before he had to leave we visited a few other members and went to transfer meeting then I picked up my new Companion Elder Griffith from California. We came back to our area and then we went and taught a lesson to J and X made us dinner and then we went and taught a really good lesson to D on the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was very strong and he really enjoyed it and had a suit all ready to come to church in that week. Then we picked up the other Elders who were in their Shorts in -20 because they got off a bus to a sports night which was cancelled and had no way home for like 20 minutes. We took them home, then we visited B and he got to meet Elder Griffith and we shared a quick message.

Friday Elder Griffith was feeling sick from something that he ate but we still managed to do our online work and weekly planned and had a dinner appointment with T and a member the sister have been working with. Then we had our basketball night which was pretty good.

Saturday we stopped by a investigators home who was in the process of opening the door but then just didn't open the door. I don't think he is interested anymore. So we just stopped by Sister Z and C to introduce Elder Griffith and they surprised us with Pancakes and Bacon and Hash-browns so we ate with them and visited B after. Then we went and did our online and went to the Forks, because B told us there was a big festival going on and we might be able to talk to some people. So we went there and it wasn't very big at all, just a stage with some Irish Dancers which was pretty neat, but we left and helped B move some stuff to VV-boutique and gave the P's each a blessing before we went to the C's for A's birthday party and ate a ton of Filipino food and then we went to the L's and finished raking the leaves and Elder Griffith got to meet the L family, then we came home.

Sunday we had missionary correlation meeting and then we went and woke up B for church... and he woke up but then fell back asleep and never ended up coming... then we went and tried to get J to come to Church but she declined and instead X cooked us breakfast. Then church came around and D came and he stayed for sacrament meeting then had to go but it was really good that he came! He really enjoyed it. Then the rest of church was good. We then had lunch and then stopped by some of our investigators who we couldn't get a hold of. But that was to no avail. Stopped by some members the ward has been trying to track down but I am pretty sure they are dead, or 103 years old. Then we shoveled sister F's walkways and she discovered us and made us come in and fed us dinner. Then we walked around a bit but no one was around so we went home collected indicators and then looked through our huge less-active list!

But I love you, you have a great day! Take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola